Solid Phase Extraction Consumables

Remove uncertainty by applying the science of SPE

Select from our broad range of solid phase extraction (SPE) consumables to solve your sample preparation challenges. They have been tailored for a broad spectrum of sample and application requirements as well as sample volume and throughput constraints. Choose from a large variety of stationary phases in cartridge, well plate, tip and other formats. Be sure to discover our latest revolutionary SPE innovation—the first fritless Thermo Scientific SOLA SPE plates and cartridges.

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SPE products
SOLA SPE Well Plates and Cartridges
SOLA SPE Well Plates and Cartridges

This first fritless solid phase extraction (SPE) product revolutionizes sample preparation for bioanalysis.

HyperSep SPE Cartridges
HyperSep SPE Plates
SPE Extraction Tips
SPE Extraction Tips

Have small sample volumes? These revolutionary microscale solid phase extraction (SPE) tips offer fast sample preparation on volumes as low as 100nL. Choose from several popular chemistries.

Online SPE
Online SPE

When used with an appropriate HPLC column, these SPE products can be used online Get fast and effective clean up and concentration of target compounds.

QuEChERS Dispersive SPE Products
QuEChERS Dispersive SPE Products

A convenient and effective approach for determination of pesticides in food and other complex matrices.

Accelerating Chromatography CCS
Workflow product selector

Select Chromatography Consumables and Columns for your Pharma, Biopharma, Clinical, Food & Beverage or Environmental workflow.

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Thermo Scientific SOLA Cartridges and Plates
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