SOLA SPE Plates and Cartridges

Dramatically better SPE in every way

This first fritless solid phase extraction (SPE) product revolutionizes sample preparation for bioanalysis. Compared to conventional SPE, phospholipid removal and protein precipitation products, Thermo Scientific™ SOLAµ™ and SOLA™ products deliver:

  • Greater reproducibility
  • Higher extract cleanliness
  • Consistent extracts
  • Reduced solvent use
  • Confidence in results
SOLA SPE products
SOLA Cartridges and Plates

See how Thermo Scientific™ SOLA™ eliminates common issues associated with conventional loose-packed SPE products.


Tim Sangster
 – Head of Bioanalysis & Immunology – Charles River Laboratories

Timothy Sangster has worked at Charles River Laboratories since 2009. Along with prior employment at Quintiles, Pharmacia, Astrazeneca and Huntingdon Life Sciences, Timothy has gained 17 years experience CRO and Pharma fields in both Europe and the U.S. Timothy’s areas of interest include micro chromatography, sample preparation and matrix effects.


At Charles River Laboratories we are committed to providing the best quality results to our customers. As part of delivering on this promise we are consistently striving to introduce new technologies which provide a step change in performance. Sample preparation is a fundamental part of the bioanalytical workflow, and has fundamental effects on the quality of results obtained downstream. Since incorporating the new SOLA SPE technology into our process, it has resulted in more robust, reproducible and efficient workflows, facilitating improved quality and confidence in results for our customers.