Tailored for robustness and speed

If your laboratory processes large numbers of samples each day, Thermo Scientific TRACE GC UltraFast GC columns have the processing speed and throughput you need. These short, narrow-bore columns are designed for use with the TRACE UltraFast GC system to deliver a significant gain in analysis speed compared to conventional GC procedures.

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Featured UltraFast gas chromatography columns

Common applications:

  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Environmental
  • Flavors and fragrances
  • General purpose
  • Alcohols
  • Ketones
  • FAMEs
  • Volatiles
  • FFAP


Recommended Application

UltraFast™ UFC-1 GC Columns Use this as a general-use column for increased speed of analysis.
UltraFast™ UFC-5 GC Columns Use this column to dramatically increase the speed of your chemical, petrochemical, environmental, flavors and fragrances.
UltraFast™ UFC-1701 GC Columns Dramatically increase the speed of your analysis with these general purpose UltraFast columns.
UltraFast™ UFC-WAX GC Columns Choose these columns for the speedy analysis of FAMEs and essential oils.
UltraFast™ UFC-264 GC Columns Use these columns to significantly shorten the analysis times of volatiles.
UltraFast™ UFC-BioDiesel GC Columns Dramatically increase the speed of your analysis with these UltraFast™ UFC-BioDiesel GC Columns.
UltraFast™ UFC-M1 GC Columns Use these general purpose columns to increase your sample throughput by a factor of 20.
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