Mid-Polar GC Columns

High performance columns optimized for difficult separations

Our low bleed, midpolarity cyano and phenyl polysiloxane Thermo Scientific™ columns offer the ideal robustness, thermal stability, and performance required for difficult separations, enabling improved limits of detection with enhanced resolution of low-level analytes. 

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Mid-polar GC columns

Common applications:

  • Chlorinated and nitroaromatic compounds
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Polychlorobiphenyls (PCBs)
  • Refinery gases
  • Gasoline range organics (GROs)
  • Drugs of abuse
  • Pesticides
  • Essential oils


Recommended Application

TraceGOLD™ TG-35MS GC ColumnsColumns with a higher phenyl content that provides useful elution order and retention time changes, superior inertness that ensures excellent peak shape and sensitivity, and a stability and performance profile ideal for separating active environmental compounds such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)
TraceGOLD™ TG-35MS AMINE GC ColumnsColumns that utilize a chemically altered tubing surface that reduces peak tailing and eliminates the need for column priming when analysing amines and other basic compounds
TraceGOLD™ TG-1301MS GC ColumnsHighly inert, long-lived columns that provides low bleed, excellent reproducibility and column-to-column consistency even with sensitive detectors like ECDs and MS
TraceGOLD™ TG-624SilMS GC ColumnsHighly inert columns with the ideal performance and stability profile for the analysis of volatile organics
TraceGOLD™ TG-1701MS GC ColumnsColumns with a mix of cyano and phenyl groups for increased polarity and a different elution order relative to less polar columns, optimal for confirmation analysis
TraceGOLD™ TG-17MS GC ColumnsParticularly suited for applications that require more polarity than a 5% phenyl column, ideal for confirmational analysis, with excellent inertness suitable for active compounds such as pesticides
TraceGOLD™ TG-17SilMS GC ColumnsOptimize separation when analyzing active environmental compounds with this low-bleed GC column with superior inertness
TraceGOLD™ TG-225MS GC ColumnsLow-bleed columns with high thermal stability and improved efficiency optimized for the analysis of volatile organics
TraceGOLD™ TG-200MS GC ColumnsColumns with an exceptionally inert phase, selectivity, and elution order optimized for difficult separations and for compounds that phenyl and cyano phases cannot resolve
TRACE™ TR-35MS GC ColumnsLow bleed 35% phenyl polysilphenylene-siloxane with exceptionally low surface activity
TRACE™ TR-1701 GC ColumnsLow bleed columns that provide a good starting point for method development in a wide range of applications
TRACE™ TR-50MS GC ColumnsLow-bleed columns particularly useful for applications requiring a higher temperature and more polarity than a 5% phenyl column, and with an inertness that results in minimal peak tailing and decreased breakdown of sensitive samples
TRACE™ TR-225 GC ColumnsRobust 50% cyanopropylphenyl polysiloxane columns manufactured to minimize risk of damage from contaminated carrier gas
TRACE™ TR-V1 GC ColumnsLow-bleed thick-film columns suitable for MS detection and the analysis of volatile analytes
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