Secure unparalleled helium savings while running your analyses

Rise above the risk of the helium supply shortage with innovative solutions that optimize usage of the non-renewable gas. The Thermo Scientific iConnect Helium Saver SSL Injector Module enables you to continue your GC analyses without helium supply concerns or unreasonable supply costs.

Save precious non-renewable noble helium when your instrument is idle, as well as during the analytical run. Keep your methods intact, validation-effective, and regulation-compliant. Significant savings can be realized in both helium supply needs and financial costs throughout the lifetime of your GC-MS instrument.

  • Maintain your methods
  • Prolong your helium supply
  • Save your budget
Featured helium saver video

Conserve helium, maintain methods, and save with an innovative GC module

Take an in-depth tour of the innovative iConnect Helium Saver SSL injector module and see how it can help you gain and maintain control of your helium supply status and costs.

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