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A step ahead in automated sampling for GC analysis

If you need a simple liquid or headspace GC autosampler, or one that can do it all (liquid, headspace, solid phase microextraction (SPME) injections, and automated sample preparation), our autosamplers are a step ahead of the norm in performing liquid, solid, and gas sample handling and injection into GC and GC-MS with precision and reliability.

Browse our complete portfolio below, or let one of our experts help you tailor a selection specific to your application and workflow needs.

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Featured GC autosamplers

Automate and accelerate your analyses of organic volatiles. The TriPlus 500 GC Headspace Autosampler helps increase sample turnaround and lower overall cost per analysis. Based on Valve-and-Loop technology, this autosampler also ensures the highest data quality and full compliance with regulatory statutes.

Process more samples quickly, while improving the consistency and quality of your GC data. This rugged, easy-to-use GC liquid autosampler is available as the 8-position AI 1610 autoinjector and the 155-sample capacity AS 1610 autosampler. Both are ideal in QA/QC and high-throughput environments. For extended productivity, the system can operate two injectors simultaneously via its Gemini configuration.

Boost lab productivity with advanced sample handling, automated liquid sampling, static headspace, dynamic headspace through In-Tube Extraction (ITEX), and SPME sampling and injection. Easily create and test sample preparation methods with the Thermo Scientific TriPlus RSH Sampling Workflow Editor Software. When connected to the TriPlus RSH SMART Autosampler, this software enables quick programming of common sample preparation steps, with automation of daily sample handling operations as well as more complex sample preparation procedures. The software also enables visual programming without coding due to its intuitive drag-and-drop user interface.

Automate liquid injections completely and reliably, using this X-Y-Z robotic autosampler. The TriPlus 100 LS makes the most of liquid injection with its high flexibility, which ranges from nano to large volume injection, and includes fully customizable injection parameters.

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The TriPlus 500 GC Headspace Autosampler: Reliable unattended operations maximizes time and expanded vial capability optimizes throughput.

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