ProPac Elite WCX 5µm LC Columns

Characterization of proteins, monoclonal antibodies, antibody drug conjugates, biosimilars, and their charge variants

Address your challenging charge variant separations by using the Thermo Scientific ProPac Elite WCX 5µmLC columns. This weak cation exchange (WCX) column builds on popular ProPac WCX-10 columns by reducing the particle size of the nonporous resin from 10μm to 5μm, thus providing even faster and higher efficiency and resolution separations of proteins and glycoproteins. 

ProPac Elite benefits

  • Superior resolution power
  • High efficiency with reproducible separations
  • High recovery with low carry-over
  • Wide pH operating range: 2–12
  • High temperature stability: up to 60 °C
  • High throughput
  • Works well with both salt gradients and pH gradients using Thermo Scientific CX-1 pH Gradient Buffers

ProPac Elite separations

  • Based on the accessible surface charge of the protein or glycoprotein with the column’s carboxylic functional group
  • The unique column chemistry exhibits excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility, high recovery and low carryover


  • Use the shorter length column for high-throughput screening applications for run times as short as 10 minutes
  • Use the longer length column when you need maximum resolution of your protein
  • Recommend using polypropylene autosampler vials

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