Advanced visualization and analysis

Avizo Software for biomaterials

Recent progress in manufacturing and characterization of biomaterials has led to innovative development in tissue engineering and scaffold techniques.

Avizo Software can be used to characterize such highly porous media, while also quantifying pore distribution and size as well as high interconnectivity of the porous network. From there, mechanical strength and effective surface for cell attachment can be determined. Furthermore, Avizo Software can be used to validate experiments by generating Finite Element Analysis models and collaborating with FEA solvers, as well as performing deformation analysis from a material sample subjected to physical constraints.

With Avizo Software unmatched capabilities get cleaner, stronger and safer biomaterials.

Avizo Software is the solution of choice

Applications and Use cases


Biodegradable materials, such as collagen scaffolds, are used extensively in clinical medicine for tissue regeneration and/or as an implantable drug delivery vehicle. However, available methods to study biomaterial degradation are typically invasive, destructive, and/or non-volumetric.

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During the acts of biting and chewing, the muscles of the jaw (consisting of the masseter, temporalis, and medial pterygoid in the elevator group, and lateral pterygoid as the main depressor) generate forces that dictate jaw kinematics. The movement of jaws hinges about...

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