Thermo Scientific Aquilos 2 Cryo-FIB cryo sample prep tool.

See inside the cell to discover your answer

The Thermo Scientific Aquilos 2 Cryo-FIB is the latest generation of our cryo-DualBeam system. It is dedicated to the preparation of thin, electron-transparent lamellas for high-resolution cryo-electron tomography or MicroED of micro-crystals. 

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With the Aquilos 2 Cryo-FIB, you can take a revolutionary step forward by automating steps in the workflow to produce multiple lamellas from specific programmed locations. The improved dedicated cryo-hardware will provide you with longer run times at ultra-low contamination rates. Discover how our latest cryo-FIB platform enables the determination of structures right inside the cell.

  • Automation: Run the system overnight, allowing it to automatically produce multiple lamellas for you with Thermo Scientific AutoTEM Software.
  • Lift-out: Target and extract your structure of interest with the Thermo Scientific EasyLift NanoManipulator, our high-precision cryo-lift-out solution.
  • 3D visualization: View the native subcellular structure below the surface using charging contrast and identify features for high-resolution tomography in cryo-TEM with Thermo Scientific Auto Slice and View Software.
Cryo EM sample prep with the Aquilos 2 Cryo-FIB was used to generate this reconstruction of the Golgi apparatus.

New features of the Aquilos 2 Cryo-FIB

Extended run time

Rest assured that your samples remain at vitreous temperatures, even for overnight runs. Cryo-hardware and a fully rotatable cryo-stage protect the frozen samples from contamination and ensure they stay frozen at all times.

Layout of entire Thermo Scientific Aquilos 2 Cryo-FIB cryo EM sample prep tool.


Automated batch cryo-lamella milling

Mark multiple points of interest, such as cells, for cryo-lamella milling. Cryo AutoTEM Software is a guided solution for automatically preparing multiple lamellas in unattended runs, increasing your productivity.

Video of Cryo AutoTEM Software, enabling batch automated cryo EM sample prep.


Cryo-lift-out lamella preparation

Prepare lamellas from specific targeted regions with nanometer-position accuracy. The high-precision EasyLift NanoManipulator option allows for extraction of site-specific regions, such as fluorescently labeled proteins, even from high-pressure frozen samples. These lamellas can subsequently be placed inside autogrids for cryo-TEM and further imaging of protein structures and protein networks.

Video of EasyLift NanoManipulator, used in cryo sample prep to generate lamella for further cryo EM analysis.


3D visualization

With our Cryo-Auto Slice and View Software, you can acquire 3D images from vitrified samples by sequential milling and then imaging of the cross-section of a defined volume of the sample. This process will help you stop milling at the correct subcellular region to prepare your lamella before you observe the ultrastructural detail in your cryo-TEM using cryo-ET.

What you see in the Aquilos 2 Cryo-FIB is what you get in in the TEM.

Video of Cryo-Auto Slice and View Software, used to visualize the Aquilos 2 Cryo-FIB milling process.

Integrated Cryo-ET workflow

Retrieve target sites faster for in situ tomography studies with seamless hardware and software integration and coordinated transfer of light microscopy data obtained with the Leica EM Cryo CLEM system and our Aquilos 2 Cryo-FIB.

Cryo CLEM and Aquilos 2 Cryo-FIB combination to analyze cell samples on the EM grid.

Cryo-electron tomography

Cellular organization at the nanoscale

Cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET) acquires 3D snapshots of the cellular interior and visualizes protein complexes within their crowded physiological environments. Beneficially, it accomplishes this without staining or fixation. Instead of showing you proteins one at a time, isolated from the cell, and purified and crystallized, cryo-ET exposes proteins as they are going about their normal duties.

Understanding the structural basis for cellular processes is essential for understanding how cells function. A new, integrated, cryo-ET workflow from Thermo Fisher Scientific and Leica Microsystems provides you with access to this information. Light microscopy visualization involves fluorescent labeling, while the cryo-tomography itself is a label-free, fixation-free imaging technique that provides 3D nanometer-resolution for imaging the inner workings of cells.

Video of Cryo Electron Tomography showing cellular structures.

Learn more about Cryo-electron tomography

Our Cryo-Electron Tomography Publications e-book is a reference guide to select peer-reviewed publications from various fields of cell biology, neuroscience, microbiology and virology. It includes the latest review articles as published in Cell, Nature and Science.

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Cryo EM sample prep with the Aquilos 2 Cryo-FIB was used to generate this reconstruction of the cell interior.