Applied Biosystems has developed VALID™ Software to support, simplify and standardize validation studies while meeting SWGDAM/DAB recommendations. VALID™ Software effectively manages quality assurance and control activities including performance checks, material modifications testing and qualifying testing. This is accomplished by incorporating the following functionality:

  • A simple, user-friendly graphical interface that streamlines data input, analysis and requires minimal training
  • Experimental plan recommendations and design tools to assist laboratories in establishing forensic DNA-specific validation protocols
  • Integration of all validation workflow processes including research, experimental design, worksheet generation for quantification and amplification, data analysis, and final reporting
  • Validation-specific data analysis and graphing tools that help identify performance characteristics required to establish standard operating procedures and interpretation guidelines
  • Stores project documentation in a central location, which allows laboratories to easily track validation progress and quickly access validated-associated information for auditing, discovery and training purposes

The following screen shots demonstrate specific features and functionality:

Casework Data Comparison

Methylation Analysis

Figure 1. Validation-specific experimental plans.

Plans include objectives, sample type and sample size recommendations. Validation project management tools track project status. The initial module will include specific experimental plan options for all AmpFℓSTR® 5-dye kits.

miRNA & Non-Coding RNA Analysis

Figure 2. Minimal data-entry required.

Importable real-time PCR and CE plate records are generated automatically once samples are selected.

Chromatin Biology

Figure 3. Worksheets.

Automatically generated validation study worksheets provide calculated volumes for samples and reagents based on imported quantitation data and experimental parameters such as mixture ratios for mixture studies or serial dilutions for sensitivity validation studies.

Figure 4. Data analysis concordance tool.

Genotyped data imported into the VALID™ Software can be automatically checked for genotype concordance, eliminating manual comparison.

Figure 5. Validation-specific data analysis tools.

GeneMapper® ID software or Genotyper® software tables are imported into the VALID™ Software and the data are graphed and summarized to aid in establishing standard operating procedures and interpretation guidelines.

Figure 6. Report.

Applicable validation information and data are incorporated into a formatted, easy-to-follow validation report.