Thermo Scientific AutoXP-SMV Modbus Multivariable Transmitter

Increase efficiency by combining three sensors into one Thermo Scientific AutoXP-SMV Modbus Multivariable Transmitter. Designed with a "plug and play" interface and Modbus protocol, the SMV transmitter is fully capable of connecting to flow computers, PLCs, RTUs and directly to SCADA systems. The SMV measures differential pressure, static pressure, and process temperature while historizing data that can be trended for more in depth measurement analysis.

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the AutoXP-SMV Smart Multivariable Transmitter.

The AutoXP-SMV is a single sensor that provides 3 critical measurement variables: differential pressure, static pressure and temperature.

The SMV is capable of being connected to multiple devices such as flow computers, RTUs, PLCs and directly to SCADA systems.

To maximize efficiency, the AutoXP-SMV has a built in T10/100 ethernet port that simplifies connection to primary devices or SCADA systems. In addition to ethernet port the SMV is available with Bluetooth to minimize need for cables during configuration and calibration of the SMV. 

Thermo Scientific AutoCONFIG software is the robust interface for the AutoXP-SMV. Designed to empower the user, the interface is simple to configure eliminating the need for in depth programming. The software incorporates the latest measurement standards and calculations for hydrocarbon measurement. 

Yes, the AutoXP-SMV utilizes the same Bluetooth technology as the AutoXP and will work with the same Bluetooth dongle.

No, the AutoXP-SMV can only report live values for Differential pressure, Static Pressure, and temperature.

Yes, the onboard backup battery will keep configuration data such as comm port settings, unit address, and historical data for process variables.

The AutoXP-SMV supports standard Enron Modbus Protocol and can communicate via TCP/IP, RS-232, RS485 (4-wire) and RS 485 (2-wire).

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