GasWorks Process Analysis Software

Thermo Scientific AutoCONFIG software is the robust interface for the AutoSERIES of Flow Computers and the SOLA iQ Online Sulfur Analyzer. Designed to empower the user, the interface is simple to configure eliminating the need for in depth programming.

Streamlined Integration

Streamlined Integration

A single platform for all instruments that incorporates the latest measurement standards and calculations for hydrocarbon measurement. 15+ functions from single valve control to station control.

Highly Configurable

Highly Configurable

A very powerful and flexible tool that can be used to create configurable pages for functions like viewing alarm logs, collecting and downloading historical data and initiating calibration.



Gain access to data and modify configurations without a physical instrument present. Easily operates on latest platforms.

Thermo Scientific AutoCONFIG software records tubing and casing pressures from multiple wells along with other critical process variables to create trend reports allowing the user to take corrective action where needed throughout the process.

Configured for multiple primary devices, the software can consolidate oil, gas and water measurements for maximum control and efficiency.

By integration with tank level gauges, the software records and archives the net tank production and withdrawals.

The AutoCONFIG software is designed to empower the user through the capability to create custom user-configurable screens.

Connect to AutoCONFIG software via RS232, RS485 or Ethernet ports.

For simplicity, a connection list can be saved. A user may also search for a specific unit to connect to.

Yes, you can open multiple sessions of the software at the same time.

There are two modes, advance and standard. A user can switch between these modes, but the standard mode hides all functions that are not enabled.

No, the configurable screen development tool is accessible when you download the AutoCONFIG software.

Easily email or store files on a corporate sharepoint for access by other users.

No, firmware based PIDs provide all control and switchover logic that is needed. In addition, AND/OR logic and math tables provide increased configurable control.

Online sulfur analyzers replace expensive and time-consuming laboratory sampling. Get fast responses and wide measurement ranges of trace sulfur and total sulfur in flare gas, liquid and vapor for reliable emissions monitoring.

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