SOLA iQ sulfur on-line analyzer determines the total sulfur content of liquid or gas phase samples

The Thermo Scientific SOLA iQ On-line Sulfur Analyzer determines the total sulfur content of liquid or gas phase samples to ensure process optimization, maximize profitability and maintain regulatory compliance. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the SOLA iQ.

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Software and communications:

A. The front panel touchscreen Graphical User Interface operating system is Linux. The system controller Auto Pilot PRO (APP) main board is running on Thermo Fisher’s proprietary OS “TaskSwitcher”. The PC based configuration and data review software, AutoCONFIG, is a Windows based system.

A. There are a total of 5x Analogue Inputs configured as 4-20mA or 0-5V.

3 are configured as density inputs, 1 can be configured as density or flow. In case all 5 are required then the 5th can be configured for flow.

4x Analogue Outputs 4-20mA are configured for total sulfur concentration output, note that for dual range or multi-stream applications the configuration of each output may vary – consult our applications team for a more detailed explanation.

8x Relay outputs rated at 10A 250VAC/30VDC and 8x Solid State relay outputs rated at 1A 60VDC, these are configured to indicate alarm conditions and stream selection status

12x Digital Inputs of which 8 are configured for stream selection, range control, remote calibration and analysis suspension.

For a complete description of the IO please refer to our applications team.

A. We have both for Ethernet and RS485 communication respectively. MODBUS is the primary protocol for all APP ports of which we offer MODBUS TCP and Encapsulated MODBUS on the APP Ethernet port.

A. We provide the copper Ethernet through RJ-45. To use optical fiber for long distance communications it is recommended to use a “copper to fiber converter”, these converters are easily sourced but not within the scope of Thermo Fisher.

A. Not presently, we are continuing to conduct voice of the customer interviews to determine whether this feature would be utilized by our customers in the process industry.

It is possible to access the SOLA iQ across a network either locally or remotely, this is subject to the usual security requirements that any user will need to satisfy to access a network.


A. Although the APP Main board and the System Controller Board (SCB) have USB ports, the software does not support this USB port as communication of Modbus, external RS485/USB converter can be used. RS485 comm. ports can be disabled.

There is a single USB port inside the cabinet (installed on the SCB) for the purpose of storing/downloading of data.

A. Instrument Air – for cabinet purge and solenoid activation minimum 3.8 maximum 6.9 barg, 180-210 l/min (application dependent). Oil free and -40oC dew point.

Zero Grade Air maximum 5.5 barg 300 ml/min. For some applications, such a diesel fuels, Zero Grade Nitrogen is used in addition to Zero Grade Air.  For SOLA Trace we recommend Heliox (21% oxygen balance helium) for combustion air - consult factory for application specific advice.

100 VAC - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 18 amp circuit recommended; 18 amps maximum during warm-up cycle; 7-8 amps once achieving operational temperatures .


NEC Class I, Division 2, Groups B, C & D. T2/T3

NEC Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C & D. T2/T3

CSA with associated “C/US Mark” Class I, Division 2, Groups B, C & D. T2/T3

CSA with associated “C/US Mark” Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C & D. T2/T3

ATEX Zone 2, II 3G Ex pzc IIC T2/T3 Gc

ATEX Zone 1, II 2G Ex db pxb IIC T2/T3 Gb

IEC Ex Zone 2, Ex pzc IIC T2/T3 Gc

IEC Ex Zone 1, Ex db pxb IIC T2/T3 Gb

Note: for all approvals a T4 class is available for vapor applications only.

Zone 1 and Div 1 configurationsH 1420mm (56"), W 610mm (24"), D 459mm (18") including top mounted purge control unit - consult factory for mounting details. 
Zone 2 and Div 2 configurations H 1130mm (45"), W 610mm (24"), D 459mm (18") purge control unit not fitted - consult factory for mounting details.
Product WeightApproximately 250lb (113kg), typical; with options the estimated weight is 350lb (159kg).

A. While the response of the touchscreen may be slightly impaired by using gloves, it does still work.

A. The SOLA iQ has the same divert sample valve function driven by alarm conditions as the SOLA II. A unique feature of the SOLA II and SOLA iQ is the function whereby the lamp voltage rate of change is monitored continuously, in the event of a sudden increase in lamp voltage demand (which may indicate full or partial loss of combustion) the sample divert valve is operated to prevent contamination of the optical cell.

SOLA II comparison:

A. Yes, we have taken care to place the utility and sample connections in similar positions to those of the SOLA II. Also, the mounting tabs for the SOLA iQ are in the same positions as they are on the SOLA II.

We have facility to store up to 30,000 data points which can be retrieved via AutoCONFIG, these can be configured as a selection of analytical and analyser hardware performance data points. Data points can also be retrieved from the SCB board via a USB but this requires opening the door to the Electronics enclosure to gain access.  We also we have storage for 30Gb of data incorporated into the System Controller Board – accessible by the front panel GUI or remotely using VNC viewer.

A. No, it has the same injection valve as the SOLA II. We tested other types of valves which are claimed to have lower maintenance requirements but the analytical performance and reliability was not acceptable.

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