Accurate and reliable water analysis

Water quality is critical to the health of our communities and environment. Our process analytical systems and equipment help you tackle your water application challenges head on. From drinking water safety to wastewater treatment processes, you can rely on our solutions to deliver value and help you achieve your water analysis goals.

Featured process analysis categories

Get fast responses and wide measurement ranges for reliable emissions monitoring. Use our gas moisture and sulfur analyzers to successfully monitor sulfur emissions in process heaters and flares by petroleum refineries requiring compliance.

Sodium monitoring is a critical measurement in the steam and power generation industry. From cation applications to ultra low–level sodium measurements, our process analyzers are designed to deliver stable, drift-free measurements you can count on.

Maximize product yield and increase profits with Thermo Scientific process mass spectrometers. These instruments are engineered to meet a number of challenging process applications in the petrochemical, iron and steel, and biotechnology industries—and deliver lab quality online gas composition analysis.

Continuous, online measurement of reactive silica is key to protecting mission-critical systems. Our silica analyzer helps protect your equipment from the costly effects of corrosion while drastically reducing the reagent consumption rate—reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Thermo Scientific process analyzers deliver continuous online measurement of hydrazine (or oxygen scavengers) in boil feedwater, ensuring optimum efficiency throughout your plant's water and steam loop.

In industrial applications, turbidity is a parameter to measure the effectiveness of water treatment. Our turbidity sensors and accessories help you save time, space, and money, while achieving your turbidity monitoring needs with confidence.

Protect your plant equipment while enjoying accuracy, reliability, and low cost of ownership. Our phosphate analyzers and accessories offer continuous and online phosphate monitoring, critical components in the water quality monitoring process.

Our industrial line of durable, high-performance conductivity probes and monitors are designed for a wide range of conductivity applications, from ultrapure water to final water treatment.

Our products are designed to help you save time and money while achieving fast, accurate pH measurements in a variety of industrial applications, including water and wastewater treatment, environmental monitoring, electronics production, and more.

Managing corrosion in steam-generating systems remains a constant and expensive challenge. Measuring ammonia levels in real-time helps improve boiler reliability and maximizes power production efficiency.

Process analyzers that deliver real-time monitoring and control of the level of calcium hardness. Ideal for applications ranging from ensuring high purity steam for power generation or for the best tasting bottled water for consumers.

Early detection of chloride ingress from feedwater helps your plant maintain the optimal balance of water purification and peace of mind. Our products are your best defense against the costly effects of corrosion, providing rapid chloride detection. 

Our chlorine analyzers offer multi-parameter measurement capabilities while accurately monitoring chlorine levels without the burden of frequent maintenance and high reagent usage—critical to the municipal drinking water, wastewater treatment, and food and beverage markets.

To be effective, the amount of fluoride in drinking water needs to be strictly controlled. Thermo Scientific instrumentation is based on the EPA’s Standard Test Method for Fluoride Ion in Water—helping to ensure safe but effective fluoride levels.

Online water measurements have become increasingly important in meeting strict regulatory requirements for contamination levels in water.  Selecting top quality, proven process analyzers ensures that your manufacturing facility or plant is protected at all times.

Our industrial line of durable, high-performance dissolved oxygen probes and monitors are designed for a wide range of conductivity applications, from ultrapure water to final water treatment.

Drive optimal performance of your process mass spectrometers, gas and sulfur analyzers, flow, density and level instruments with comprehensive service solutions.

Instrumentation, Cycling, and the Power Industry

This informative white paper discusses how changes in the power generation industry have impacted the adoption of future-proof water analysis instrumentation.

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