Orion and AquaSensors Water Analysis Portfolio

Your success depends on accurate sample measurements. For over 60 years, Thermo Scientific Orion has provided precise, reliable data to empower decisions in the lab, in the field, and on the line. Our comprehensive line of portable meters, online process analyzers, electrodes and UV-Vis spectrophotometers provide sample composition you can depend on. Whether you work in food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, energy and power, education, government or water and wastewater, you can count on Thermo Scientific Orion for accuracy and reliability. Ready to learn more? Contact us to speak with a member from our team.

Orion and AquaSensors water analysis categories

Colorimetry, Turbidity & UV-Vis Spectrophotometry

Achieve simple and efficient water and wastewater analysis with Orion Colorimeters, Turbidity meters and UV-Vis Spectrophotometers, reagents and accessories.

pH and Electrochemistry

Take measurements in the lab or in the field with portable or benchtop pH meters, conductivity meters, dissolved oxygen meters, ion selective meters, electrodes, and accessories to help ensure you get an accurate reading every time.

Online Water Measurement Systems

Achieve accurate, reliable water analysis directly at the point of need with Orion online water measurement systems.

Drinking Water/Wastewater and Process Analyzers and Systems

Our products include online and inline sensors and analyzers for measuring pH, conductivity, ORP, dissolved oxygen, dissolved ozone, chlorine, turbidity, fluoride, and calcium. 

Power and Industrial Water Analyzers and Measurement Systems

Our process analyzers continuously measure ion concentrations, pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen in an online environment. 


Water Analysis Products Support

Used in laboratory, R&D, government compliance, pharmaceutical, drinking water, wastewater treatment, food and beverage manufacturing, environmental, power generation and general industrial processing markets. Orion, ROSS, Eutech, AquaMate and AquaSensors products.

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Orion Meters Software and Upgrades

Increase your lab productivity and measure with confidence. High-quality meters are essential to the critical, routine tasks you perform every day. Our extensive portfolio of Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ benchtop and portable meters are designed to deliver accurate, consistent results, day after day. Boost productivity by upgrading your software today.

Related Portfolios

pH and Electrochemistry

Our pH and electrochemistry portfolio includes benchtop meters, portable meters, electrodes, probes, buffers, standards, solutions, and accessories in water and liquid analysis for the lab and field.

Online Water Measurement Systems

Our Online Water Measurement Systems portfolio provides portable, benchtop, and online water analysis solutions.