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Thermo Scientific lab equipment is designed for various applications and customer needs. With the love for innovation, we develop high-performance equipment to support accurate, reliable, and reproducible results.

TSX Universal Series ULT Freezers

The pinnacle of reliability, sustainability, and innovation.

Heratherm Environmental Chambers

Precise control and exceptional results for testing in controlled environments.

Aquanex Ultrapure Water Purification System

Provides convenience, flexibility, and reliable water purity.

TSG Pharmacy & Laboratory Refrigerators

Strike the perfect balance between user-friendly operation and performance.

CultiMaxx Shelving Systems

Maximize your CO2 incubator space and sample access for various vessels.

Solaris Temperature Controlled Shakers

Ruggedly built for demanding applications in research and GLP/GMP labs.

TSV Manual Defrost Laboratory Freezer*

Economical solution for general sample storage.
*USA & Canada only

Heraguard ECO Clean Bench

Delivers outstanding product protection.


OPC UA gateway for CO₂ Incubators

Accessory for select incubators to enable OPC UA integration.


OPC UA gateway for Biological Safety Cabinets

Accessory for our BSCs to enable OPC UA integration.

1500 Series Class II Biological Safety Cabinet*

Combines excellent protection, energy efficiency and user convenience.
*APAC only

Orion Lab Star Meters

Easy to use and compact meters to measure pH, conductivity, or dissolved oxygen.


More products with love for innovation

Invitrogen products, Applied Biosystems products and Gibco products.

Innovating sustainability

Raising the bar on more sustainable product design.

Intended use for the products mentioned on this website varies. Please refer to the product labeling.