Aquanex Ultrapure Water Purification System

Count on Thermo Scientific Aquanex Ultrapure Water Purification System for convenience, flexibility and reliable water purity. Spend more time on your research and less time maintaining your equipment.

Ease of use and intelligent operation

Designed with ease of use in mind

Quick-connect fixtures make installation easy. Dispense from the unit or remove the pipette-style dispenser to fill larger containers. Change components with ease by removing the magnetic front panel for quick access – no screws or complicated fixtures; unit automatically recognizes new cartridges.

Reliable water quality at your fingertips

Secured log-in feature and seamless event logging, monitoring and reporting. High Flow smart dispensing enhances user experience with industry leading accuracy. Automatic Leak Detection and system shut off for safer lab environment.


Select Water Saver, Pack Saver or Dynamic Mode for your lab operation. Water Saver Mode can help you save water when using high-quality feed water. Responsibly packaged for less waste.

Aquanex features

Aquanex Touch Smart Dispenser

  • Intelligent, easy-to-handle pipette-style dispenser
  • Remove from the stand to fill larger containers
  • Intuitive touchscreen display allows for easy operation

Aquanex System User Interface

  • The intuitive, full color touchscreen display is easy to read and simple to operate
  • The large display allows you to clearly view water quality, type and tank fill from a distance

Easy maintenance and self-service design

  • UV lamp, RO assembly, and ultrafilter consumables are easily accessed by removing the magnetic front panel
  • No screws or complicated tools are required to change consumables


The perfect fit for your applications


Laboratory scientists count on the consistent performance of Type I water. The intelligent, reliable Aquanex system provides reliable performance to meet the purification needs of a range of industries.

Maintenance and Consumables

System consumables


Catalog number

Estimated lifetime*

When to replace

Thermo Scientific Reverse Osmosis Cartridge


Up to 12 months

"Change RO Assembly" alert on display
DI cartridges exhausting quickly

Thermo Scientific Aquanex DI Cartridge Set


Up to 12 months

"Change DI Packs" alert on display
"Water Quality Alert" on display

Thermo Scientific Barnstead Replacement Ultrafilters


Up to 24 months

"Change Ultrafilter" alert on display
Low flow from dispenser
Pyrogen in product water that don't improve with disinfection

Thermo Scientific Barnstead Replacement UV Lamps


Up to 24 months

"Change UV" alert on display
Higher TOC levels observed
UV lamp is burned out

Thermo Scientific CO2 Absorber + Sterile Filter


Up to 12 months

"Change CO2 Vent Filter" alert on display
Color indicator changed from white to purple

Dispenser consumables

Thermo Scientific Barnstead Point of Dispense 1.0 um Filters


Up to 12 months

"Change POU Final Filter" alert on display
Low flow from dispenser
When DI cartridges are replaced
When bacterial growth is suspected in the POU filter


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