TSX Universal, over 80 years of innovation packed into the next-gen ultra-low freezer

Thermo Scientific TSX Universal Series ULT freezers embody +80 years of expertise in engineering cold storage lab equipment. Featuring our next generation V-drive cooling technology, TSX Universal ULTs seamlessly adapt to your workflow, and help deliver tighter performance, faster pull-down and recovery times, and improved energy consumption. 


With an enhanced user interface, universal voltage, expanded setpoint range (-40°C), simplified software updates, built-in accessory power, and more, the new TSX Universal ULT freezers set a benchmark for reliability, performance, and energy efficiency.


Key features designed with your science in mind

Confidence in quality and reliability

TSX Universal represents our most robust design to date, incorporating insights from over 80 years of experience to enhance every aspect of the system. From sealed system and cabinet construction to software architecture and electrical components, each element of TSX Universal has undergone significant testing and improvements.

  • New reliability testing protocol: +5400 days of combined testing in field and lab environments
  • Quality assured: comprehensive end-of-line testing ensures adherence to our high quality standards
  • Industry-leading warranty: 12 years of compressor coverage

Universally better performance

By updating our variable speed compressors, enhancing our intelligent algorithms, and optimizing hardware with the new universal V-drive cooling technology, users can experience key performance enhancements when compared to the legacy TSX Series platform, including up to:

  • 33% reduction in energy consumption
  • 38% improvement in peak variation
  • 41% decrease in pull-down time
  • 52% faster door open recovery time

Greener by design

We seek to reduce our environmental impact and help our customers do the same by using green refrigerants, designing for energy efficiency, and building our products with recyclable materials whenever possible. 

  • 100% ENERGY STAR certified: All TSX universal ULTs beat todays criteria and are positioned to meet tightening requirements in the future
  • 100% ACT labeled: Helping provide transparency around the environmental footprint of our products

User-centric design

Designed for labs seeking enhanced capabilities and user experience. Users can benefit from the improved interface, faster re-entry, expanded set points, reduced noise, connectivity solutions, and universal voltages.

  • Universal voltage: operates on 100-230V, 50/60Hz
  • Setpoint expansion: up to -40°C, a first for the TSX ULT platform
  • 30 seconds re-entry time:  57% faster than previous TSX ULTs
  • Whisper-quiet: just under 44 DbAs, units can be placed anywhere
  • Simplified updates: easier to access and install the latest updates
  • Connectivity-enabled*: 5V and Power over Ethernet outside power supplies

*Learn more about our connectivity solutions >

Designed for your application needs

With the ability to operate on universal voltage (100-230V, 50/60Hz), the TSX Universal ULT offers users a single global solution, from early-stage Research and Development through global clinical trials, streamlining procurement and qualification strategies.

Cell and gene therapy

Cell and gene therapy products, including live cells, genetic materials, and viral vectors, are often highly sensitive to temperature fluctuations and contamination. Maintaining the integrity of these materials is crucial for their efficacy and safety. The TSX Universal Series ULT freezers are equipped to safeguard these materials, as they can be placed closer to the workflow, ensuring controlled storage environments, and have been independently tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), in accordance with ISO 14644- 14:2016, to meet the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Class 5.5, which helps provide cell and gene therapy companies with confidence in the cleanliness and control of their storage environments.


ULT freezers are an essential part of Biobanks and Biorepositories as they help ensure the security and quality of valuable samples. Our TSX Universal Series ULT freezers are designed to exceed industry standards, providing exceptional performance and efficiency. The new TSX Universal ULTs deliver up to 52% improvement in door open recovery time, consume up to 33% less energy*, and operate at only 44 decibels (dBA). The next-gen ULTs are designed for modern labs, featuring 5V and Power over Ethernet external power supplies. They support labs to be connectivity ready for real-time monitoring, offering valuable insights to streamline operations within your Biobank.

*Data based off legacy TSX600 capacity unit.

Ordering Information

TSX Universal Series ULT freezers (-86°C to -40°C) 

Product type Model number Capacity cu. ft.
Rack capacity
(2 inch boxes)
Electrical Plug Shelves Door style
General purpose TSX40086FA 19.4 (549)
16 (400)
50/60 Hz
(see table for options)
4 shelves
(3 Adjustable)
Outer (1)
Inner (2)
TSX50086FA 24.1 (682) 20 (500)
TSX60086FA 28.8 (816) 24 (600)
TSX70086FA 33.5 (949) 28 (700)
Medical device*† TSX40086LA 19.4 (549)
16 (400)
50/60 Hz
(see table for options)
4 shelves
(3 Adjustable)
Outer (1)
Inner (2)
TSX50086LA 24.1 (682) 20 (500)
TSX60086LA 28.8 (816) 24 (600)
TSX70086LA 33.5 (949) 28 (700)

*Disclaimer: The Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers TSX Series (Model/s with ‘L’, for example TSX40086LA) are intended for long term storage and preservation of blood and blood products at temperatures between -40°C to -86°C. The ULT Freezers are intended to be used by trained personnel in a professional laboratory environment.

† Registered as a Medical device Class II 510(K) Exempt in the USA only. View verification of medical devices in the U.S.>

Warranty registration


We confidently stand behind our products and take pride in offering an industry-leading warranty; 12 years compressor coverage, which sets us apart from any other ULT supplier in the market.


To activate your unit's warranty, please fill out the form below. You can also access the form by scanning the QR code found in the Start-up Wizard upon receiving your unit.


Certifications and Verifications

ENERGY STAR certified - a government backed     symbol for energy efficiency.


ACT label verified – for third-party verification of the sustainable impacts of a product, its operations, and its end of life.


Compliant with the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program - part of the US Clean Air Act under the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

cULus certified - tested to meet the safety standards of Canada and the United States by Underwriters Laboratories.