Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer Accessories

Optional components to enhance the security of your samples.

Enhance the already robust functionality of your ultra-low temperature freezer and your workflow with a variety of accessories and options designed to work seamlessly with your product selection.

TSX Freezer Platform Exterior Light Kit

Improve the monitoring and security of your samples stored in TSX Universal Freezers with exterior lighting that visually indicates system alert and alarm codes. A green, orange or red glow at the bottom of the freezer provides continual system operational status indication at glance.   This option is especially useful in busy labs and those with multiple freezers.  


ULT Power Cords

The TSX Universal Series ULT freezers, operating on universal voltage (100-230V, 50/60Hz), help streamline procurement and qualification strategies from research and development to global trials, ensuring compatibility across regions, minimizing costs and enhancing operational efficiencies.


Power Cords Factory installation Field installation
Argentina 230V/16A AR230V16A AR230V16ACS
Australia 230V/16A AU230V16A AU230V16ACS
Brazil 230V/16A  BR230V16A BR230V16ACS
China 230V/16A CH230V16A CH230V16ACS
Continental EU 230V/16A EU230V16A EU230V16ACS
Denmark 230V/16A DK230V16A DK230V16ACS
India 230V/16A IN230V16A IN230V16ACS
Israel 230V/16A IS230V16A IS230V16ACS
Italy 230V/16A IT230V16A IT230V16ACS
Standard US Plug; NEMA 5-20  US125V20A US125V20ACS
Standard US Plug; NEMA 6-15  US230V15A US230V15ACS
Switzerland 230V/16A SW230V16A SW230V16ACS
United Kingdom 230V/16A  UK230V13A UK230V13ACS
United States Twist Lock 115V/60Hz US125V20ATL TL125V20A
United States Twist Lock 208-230V/60Hz US230V15ATL TL230V15A

CO₂ and LN₂ Back-up systems

Enhance security and your peace of mind with critical samples by using Thermo Scientific CO₂ and LN₂ backup systems with ultra-low temperature freezers. These systems inject liquid CO₂ or LN₂ into the cabinet when the cabinet temperature warms to preset level. The LN₂ backup system maintains temperature down to -80˚C with liquid nitrogen. The CO₂ backup maintains temperature down to -67˚C with CO₂.

Chart recorders

Record seven days of temperature performance at temperatures to -150°C using Thermo Scientific Chart Recorders for ULT Freezers. Recorders use 6″ (15cm) chart paper and are available as factory or field installed. These chart recorders are available as ink and inkless options. Refills of circular temperature chart recorder paper also available.


HID Card Key Access System

Restrict access to samples and gain data records of personnel that accessed the freezer, opened the door, and the day, time and duration of the door opening with the Thermo Scientific Access Key Options for ULT Freezers. Our Access Key Pack includes 5 key cards. 



Configurable interior shelves fit to your storage needs. These shelving units provide peace of mind by providing the ultimate organization and storage with ultra-tight temperature uniformity requirements. Stable, reliable and without the space sacrifice.

Racks and Boxes

When storage is at a premium, maximizing the space you do have is essential. Organize and increase your square foot storage with our ultra-low temperature freezer racks, sliding drawer racks (including options for tubes), adjustable side access box racks and microplate racks in standard or deepwell. We have an option that will fit your freezer model and application. 



Our ULT freezers are fully compatible with the Thermo Scientific connected solutions portfolio. Whether it’s your goal to protect and monitor the contents of your ULT freezer with custom alarms and notifications, create an audit trail with 21 CFR 11 reporting or manage fleet energy usage and performance with advanced analytics, we have you covered.


Everything you need to protect, organize and track your samples.

Sample storage at ultra-low temperatures provides security for biological specimens and derivatives of those specimens, genomic material, and compounds over extended periods of time. Thermo Scientific offers a deep portfolio of storage containers and consumables designed to ensure the long-term protection and security of your samples inside the freezer and in formats and sizes that optimize space.


Preserving the information associated with stored samples is a critical part of the storage process, as unidentified samples in storage are unusable and serve no purpose. Thermo Scientific has proven solutions to organize, track and preserve your samples, including storage container sealing and barcoding systems.