The Thermo Scientific EMS-10 Continuous Emissions Monitoring System is a fully automated FTIR-based gas and emission monitoring system. The integrated Thermo Scientific MAX-iR FTIR Gas Analyzer can accurately analyze and report many compounds simultaneously without the need for liquid nitrogen. Single digit ppb detection limits can be achieved when the system is deployed with Thermo Scientific’s patented StarBoost optical enhancement technology. An integrated multiplexer controls all gas flows, including zero gas, calibration gas, and up to 4 sample gas streams.


For regulatory validation studies, the calibration gas can also be diluted by the integrated multiplexer to achieve the required concentrations from a single calibration standard. All data collection, data analysis, system controls, QA/QC procedures and emissions reporting are automated within the Thermo Scientific MAX-Acquistion Standard Software and are visible from a large front panel touchscreen.


The EMS-10 is designed to operate as a fully compliant continuous emissions monitoring (CEMS) with little to no user interaction, complete with user-definable sequencing that can vary by time of day, remote control, and standard data publishing and reporting. Alarming capabilities, proactive maintenance alerts, and an intuitive touchscreen interface give the user actionable insights and enable fast response to elevated emissions or data quality issues.


The EMS-10 can handle hot and wet samples by utilization of a heated particulate filter, heated sampling pump, and heated bypass pump for continuous flow on all sample channels. A factory interface module offers flexible I/O capabilities for triggering alarms and incorporating signals from external sensors, such as a flow monitor and/or oxygen analyzer. Several enclosure options are available to deliver a complete factory-ready solution.


The EMS-10 is suitable for nearly any emission monitoring application, including thermal catalytic oxidizers, combustion and incinerator exhausts, aqueous and packed bed scrubbers, semiconductor abatement systems both factory-wide and point-of-use (POU), as well as cement and lime kilns.


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