Capitalize on your UV-Vis spectrophotometer capabilities with state-of-the-art software

Our on-board and optional software packages are instrumental in helping you streamline UV-Vis measurements, capture data, and perform routine and complex analysis. These user-friendly software packages and intuitive interfaces help deliver reliable, accurate results from any of our UV-Vis spectrophotometers.

UV-Vis Spectrophotometer software

Today’s modern laboratories demand easy-to-use instruments with multifunctional software to meet the needs of teachers and students, manage routine and quality measurements, or facilitate the discovery of the next breakthrough material. From the most basic to highly sophisticated tools for data acquisition, analysis, and reporting, our software helps you meet your analytical challenges.


  • Full visible spectrum scan in only 10 seconds
  • Quantitative analysis with a factor or up to four standards
  • Easy to use interface


Optional VISIONlite 5 Software available for remote computer control



  • Intuitive touchscreen software with full UV-Vis or visible spectral range
  • Comprehensive set of on-board applications for Live display, Quantitative analysis, Scanning, Kinetics, and Fixed wavelength measurements


Optional VISIONlite 5 Software available for remote computer control



  • Fully capable Insight Pro PC software
  • Automated calculations and analysis for solving complex quantitative measurements
  • Comply with current 2019 USP, EP, or JP requirements
  • Validate your system with Insight Pro Software methods to run IQ/OQ verification testing


Optional Insight Pro Security Software available to achieve 21 CFR part 11 compliance

Insight Pro Software for Evolution Spectrophotometers

Streamline your simple, complex and advanced routines and workflows with Thermo Scientific Insight Pro Software, for use with Thermo Scientific Evolution One, One Plus, and Pro UV-Vis Spectrophotometers. Prevent costly sampling and measurement errors with prompting, step-by-step workflows. Add Thermo Scientific Insight Pro Security Software to achieve compliance with current FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations and ensure the integrity of scientific data required by pharmaceutical, biotech companies, and academics working on FDA-regulated studies.

When installation and operational qualifications (IQ/OQ) are required, Thermo Scientific Validator for Insight Pro Software provides all the documentation and reference materials needed to complete IQ/OQ for Evolution UV-Visible Spectrophotometers.

Insight Pro Software workflow

Go from your samples to answers, seamlessly. From sample to final report, Insight Pro Software quickly guides you through each step of your analysis. Comprehensive and versatile fixed, scan, quant, and rate applications provide maximum support for all your analytical needs.

Free Updates to Insight Pro software for Evolution UV-Vis Spectrophotometers

Ensure that you are operating your Thermo Scientific Evolution UV-Vis Spectrophotometer with full functionality by keeping your instrument up to date with the latest software . Based on suggestions from customers like you, we are constantly updating our software in an effort to provide the best software experience for your UV-Vis workflow.

Our latest updates can be downloaded and installed directly to your computer. There is no need to extract files; you can simply navigate through the Insight Pro folders until you locate the “Start” file.

Please register your instrument before downloading instrument software. Registration is a one-time process which allows you to receive alerts when new software is available for your specific instrument. Registration also helps verify your warranty status.

GENESYS Smart QC Software

Thermo Scientific™ GENESYS™ Smart QC Software can make your UV-Vis analysis smoother and easier.


GENESYS Smart QC software provides a simple way to pass judgement on a sample being tested by UV-Vis spectroscopy, delivering a straightforward functionality not available from any other manufacturer.


With GENESYS Smart QC software, UV-Vis analysis methods can be customized to deliver simple pass/fail assessments based on your specific guidelines. This limits the risk of misinterpreting data and speeds the time to action by streamlining decision-making points for users at all levels.


The size, simplicity, and cost-effective operation of a UV-Vis spectrophotometer and the range of tests available make it an ideal instrument for industrial QA/QC labs, especially those performing food and beverage analysis. Employing the proper software on that UV-Vis instrument can make it an even better fit.

BeerCraft Software for GENESYS 50 and GENESYS 150 Spectrophotometers

The size, simplicity, and cost-effective operation of a UV-Vis spectrophotometer and the variety of tests available make it an ideal instrument for beer analysis. International beer organizations recognize the use of UV-Vis as a dependable analytical technique for analyzing beer and evaluating brewing ingredients.

We made it simple to ensure the consistency of each unique brew with Thermo Scientific BeerCraft Software, so you can get answers faster without complicated calculations. Pre-programmed methods enable quick and easy measurements of over twenty beer attributes at the touch of a button to maintain your beer’s identity and the success of your brand. Use with the GENESYS 50 or GENESYS 150 UV-Vis Spectrophotometers.

BeerCraft Software Methods screen captures

VISIONlite Software for use with GENESYS and SPECTRONIC 200 Spectrophotometers

Thermo Scientific VISIONlite 5 Software (for PCs) enhances the capabilities of our stand-alone Visible and UV-Visible spectrophotometers, enabling usage of your spectrophotometer to its fullest potential, displaying, and reporting experimental and analytical results with ease. Equip your Thermo Scientific SPECTRONIC 200 and GENESYS 30 Spectrophotometers with VISIONlite software for easy-to-use scan, rate, fixed, and quant applications specialized to match your analytical needs. (Software available in place of INSIGHT Pro for Evolution One/One Plus and Pro Spectrophotometers).

Scan – high resolution spectra in seconds
Rate – measurement of reaction kinetics*
Fixed – monitor concentration using factor methods
Quant – determine concentration based on standards

* For SPECTRONIC 200 and GENESYS 30, measure multi-cell kinetics in parallel or serial mode.

Extend instrument functionality with additional color, enzyme, and wine analysis software packages

Additional software packages enable color calculations, offer predefined methods for enzymatic test kits, and simplify wine and juice analysis. 

Thermo Scientific VISIONlite ColorCalc Software adds the ability to perform numerous color calculations for a variety of applications, records the required transmission or reflectance spectrum, and automatically calculates the color parameters of tristimulus (XYZ), CIE L*a*b*, multiple illuminants, and 2° and 10° observer angles.

Thermo Scientific VISIONlite EnzLab Software offers predefined methods and operation procedures for enzymatic test kits (Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, D-Glucose, D-Fructose, Ethanol, Lactose, and many more), automates and facilitates enzymatic determinations, ensures correct calculations, and provides appropriate analytical reports.

VISIONlite Enzlab software package screen

Thermo Scientific VISIONlite Wine Analysis Software provides an extensive set of predefined photometric, colorimetric, and enzymatic analytical procedures common in wine and juice analysis with a simple user interface, reliable data recording, and error-free evaluation of results within comprehensive reports.

These stand-alone VISIONlite software packages are available for use with select Thermo Scientific GENESYS, BioMate, and Evolution Spectrophotometers. See compatibility information under the specifications on the ordering page.

GENESYS On-Board Software

The easy-to-use touchscreen interface lets you select a method, set up parameters, calibrate the instrument, configure accessories, measure a blank, execute your experiment, analyze your data, and more. Just prepare your sample, insert it into the sample compartment, and let the software do the rest.


Download the latest version of on-board software, release notes, and software user guide to get the most out of your GENESYS 40/50/140/150/180 and BioMate 160 spectrophotometers.