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Decades of experience supporting scientists with automated instrumentation for the quantification of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen according to international regulations.

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FlashSmart™ CHNS/O Analyzers Providing a reliable, high-speed, accurate 24/7 analytical solution to a range of industries, this series of flexible, configurable analyzers uses a globally recognized technique endorsed by official organizations worldwide. This system delivers the ultimate in simplicity, precision, and cost effectiveness for any laboratory requiring the quantification of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, and oxygen.
FlashSmart™ N/Protein Analyzers Determine Nitrogen concentration and the relative protein content in every type of food and beverage. The FlashSmart™ N/Protein analyzer is an essential tool for both Quality Control and Research/Development laboratories in the food industry, which require precise and accurate determinations, limited cost per analysis, and a 24-hour hard worker able to continuously analyze solid and liquid samples.
FlashSmart™ NC/Soil Analyzers The FlashSmart™ NC analyzer delivers rapid and precise determination of nitrogen and carbon in geologic and agriculture materials such as soils, sediments or filters (the particulate material obtained by filtration of sea, river, lake or tap water) and plants. Accurate determinations of these two elements provide detailed info for environmental, agronomy and marine biology labs. By previous acidification on soil or marine sediments, it is possible determine also the TOC (Total Organic Carbon), important parameters for the characterization of the geological materials.
FLASH IRMS Analyzers The FLASH IRMS Elemental Analyzer used in the Thermo Scientific™ EA IsoLink™ IRMS System combines two single-furnace systems, one for Dynamic Flash Combustion and one for High Temperature Conversion, into a single analyzer. When coupled to a Thermo Scientific Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (IRMS), this powerful but economical analyzer allows bulk stable isotope analyses of N, C, S, H and O of organic and inorganic materials, as well as water and other liquids.

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Expand your CHNS/O analysis with over 20 configurations in one system with the Thermo Scientific FlashSmart Elemental Analyzer (EA), making analysis easier in application fields ranging from agronomy to environmental science to pharmaceuticals - and beyond.

A guide for your elemental analysis applications

A guide for your elemental analysis applications

When it comes to defining the elemental composition of samples in a variety of application fields, you need a reliable analytical technique that enables compliance with official methods. The elemental analysis compendium guides you through CHNS/O analysis in many application fields. Download the compendium and discover more!