Multiplex assays for higher throughput

Luminex multiplex assays are driven by xMAP technology, designed to simultaneously detect and quantitate multiple secreted proteins (e.g., cytokines, chemokines, and growth factors) or expressed genes. This high-throughput technology produces results comparable to conventional assays such as ELISA and qPCR with greater efficiency and throughput.

Luminex assays and instrumentation

ProcartaPlex Multiplex assay kit contents for Luminex platform

Multiplex up to 65 protein targets from complex biological samples, with flexible options from preconfigured solutions to custom mixed panels.

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QuantiGene Multiplex Gene Expression assay kit contents for Luminex platform

Multiplex up to 80 RNA targets from a single lysate sample. Custom panels are available based on your genes of interest.

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Luminex instruments, MAGPIX, Luminex 200 and FLEXMAP3D models

As a Luminex partner, the entire Luminex portfolio of multiplexing instruments can be obtained directly from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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How it works- Luminex xMAP Technology

Luminex xMAP (Multi-Analyte Profiling) technology enables scientists to measure multiple proteins in a single well. This technology combines advanced fluidics, optics, and digital signal processing with innovated microsphere technology to deliver multiplexed assay capabilities. Featuring a flexible open-architecture design, xMAP technology can be configured to perform a wide variety of bioassays quickly, cost-effectively, and accurately.

xMAP technology uses superparamagnetic 6.5 micron microspheres with a magnetic core and polystyrene surface. The beads are internally dyed with precise proportions of red and infrared fluorophores. The differing proportions of the red and infrared fluorophores result in 100 unique spectral signature microspheres which are identified by the Luminex xMAP detection systems. The conjugation of a distinct antibody to a distinct bead allows for analysis of multiple analytes in a single well. Multiple analyte-specific beads can then be combined in a single well of a 96- or 384-well microplate- to detect and quantify multiple targets simultaneously, using one of the Luminex instruments for analysis.

The magnetic properties of the beads provide significant workflow advantages as it relates to washing. The included flat-bottom plates are compatible with either a hand-held magnetic plate washer (Cat. No. EPX-55555-000) or an automated magnetic plate washer.