Luminex platform: quantitative protein and RNA assays with exceptional throughput

The Luminex platform represents a powerful combination of Luminex xMAP instruments and multiplex assays designed for the detection and measurement of RNA and proteins.


Utilizing the xMAP bead-based technology, the Luminex multiplex assays enable the simultaneous detection and quantitation of up to 80 secreted proteins in a single well through Invitrogen ProcartaPlex assays. With a selection spanning over 600 cytokine, chemokine, growth factors, and other protein targets from various species including human, mouse, rat, non-human primate, canine and porcine, the assays are providing comprehensive insights across various biological research areas.


Furthermore, the versatility of this multiplex technology extends to gene expression analysis, as the combination with branched DNA (bDNA) technology enables the measurement of up to 80 gene targets using Invitrogen QuantiGene Plex assays. This unique capability facilitates the execution of multi-omics studies on a single validated instrument platform, as detailed in related publications. Notably, the results obtained through the Luminex system exhibit comparable accuracy and sensitivity to traditional assays like ELISA and qPCR, but with significantly enhanced efficiency and throughput.


These multiplex assays are available in various formats, including preconfigured panels, custom-blended Mix and Match panels and individual analytes for a 96- to 384-well plate format to provide the flexibility in high-throughput you need.

Discover the Luminex multiplex offering for protein and gene expression analysis


Complete Luminex portfolio available

As a Luminex partner, we offer the entire Luminex portfolio of multiplexing instruments.

Multiplex protein assays

Combine up to 80 protein targets from complex biological samples, with flexible options from preconfigured solutions to custom mixed panels.

Gene expression directly from a lysate

Multiplex up to 80 RNA gene expression targets. Custom and preconfigured panels are available based on your genes of interest.

How does it work

Luminex xMAP (Multi-Analyte Profiling) technology with labeled beads enables scientists to measure multiple proteins or RNA targets in a single well.

ProcartaPlex Signaling Dual Reporter assay

NEW Revolutionize your way to unveil the complex interactions in studying cell signaling pathways. Effortlessly detect and quantify total and phosphorylated signaling proteins simultaneously in a single well.

Enter the next dimension of multiplexing

With our high-plex Luminex assays we transform your way of biomarker discovery and validation. With the largest ready-to-use panels on the Luminex platform, you can speed up the process of making informed decisions based on your findings, while conserving resources, precious samples, and time.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.