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Luminex xMAP technology combines advanced fluidics, optics, and digital signal processing with proprietary microsphere technology to deliver multiplexed assay capabilities. This information is presented to support researchers who use MAGPIX, 100/200, and FlexMAP 3D Luminex systems.

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Luminex instruments overview



Simple, affordable and compact. This multiplexing unit performs up to 50 different tests in a single reaction volume with a plate read time of 60 minutes. Based on CCD imaging technology it is exclusive for its compactness and easy to use operation procedure.

Luminex 200 System

Luminex 200

The industry standard. The standard instrument for multiplexing able to perform up to 80 different tests in a single reaction volume. The instrument is flow cytometry-based and capable of delivering fast and cost effective results.



Speed and throughput. Most advanced and multifunctional multiplex unit for simultaneous measurement of up to 80 tests in a single reaction volume, compatible also for 384-well plates.

  MAGPIX System
Efficient and compact in size
Luminex 200 System
The versatile, efficient standard in multiplexing
High-throughput, multiplex, automation compatible
  MAGPIX System Luminex 200 System FLEXMAP 3D System
Optics LED/CCD camera Lasers/APDs/PMTs Lasers/APDs/PMTs
Hardware Fluorescent imager Flow cytometry based Flow cytometry based
Software xPonent 4.3 xPonent 4.3 xPonent 4.3
Applications Protein/Nucleic Acid Protein/Nucleic Acid Protein/Nucleic Acid
Bead compatibility Magnetic Magnetic/polystyrene Magnetic/polystyrene
Multiplex capacity 50 100 500
Read time (96-well plate) ~ 60 min ~ 40 min ~ 20 min
Dynamic range 3.5 logs 3.5 logs 4.5 logs
Sensitivity Detect ≤ 700 PE fluorochromes per xMAP microsphere Detect 1,000 PE fluorochromes per xMAP microsphere  
Microtiter plate 96 well 96 well 96 and 384 well
Weight (Analyzer) 17.5 kg(38.5 lbs) 49 kg (113 lbs) 77.1 kg (170 lbs)
Magnetic 96-well Separator Cat. No. EPX-55555-000 or Cat. No. QP0702

xPONENT software

xPONENT software is a modular, flexible, software package for control of the MAGPIX, 200, and FLEXMAP 3D systems, offering:

  • Intuitive graphical user interface for simplified workflow
  • Automated startup, shutdown, and routine maintenance operations
  • Enhanced data analysis and report generation capabilities
  • 21 CFR Part 11 ready
  • Automation and LIS connectivity

xPONENT software benefits

  • Modular and flexible—Designed for ease of use, xPONENT software allows novice, occasional, and advanced users set up and run assays in minimal amounts of time.
  • User customization—The default graphical user interface follows a typical assay workflow, and it can be customized to meet the needs of individual laboratories.
  • Powerful data analysis—Industry-standard curve fitting models for quantitative analysis, allelic ratios for genotyping, and qualitative algorithms for immunology assays in addition to data visualization tools.
  • xPONENT software support

If you require technical assistance with your xPONENT software for data acquisition and analysis, contact our Technical Support team or email

Accessory equipment, reagents, and services are available for use with assays run on Luminex systems, including sheath fluid, calibration kits, power cords, and extended warranties. We are committed to ensuring that you have all the necessary components you need to run successful Luminex protein quantitation assays on MAGPIX, Luminex 200, or FlexMAP 3D Luminex systems.

The Magnetic 96-Well Separator is designed for fast and simple removal of supernatant from samples bound to magnetic particles and may be used manually or as an integrated part of an automated workstation. The Magnetic 96-Well Separator is an ideal tool for use in singleplex and multiplex biological assays based on the Luminex xMAP Technology. These assays make use of Luminex MagPlex or magnetic microspheres, and the MAGPIX, 200, or FLEXMAP 3D instruments.

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Biomarker quantitation assay guide

This 72-page guide provides detailed information about different tools for protein and RNA quantitation. Download this valuable technical resource that covers technologies useful for cancer and inflammation research, immunology, neurology and more. Learn more about how antibody pairs, ELISA kits, and multiplex kits for the Invitrogen Luminex platform may help advance your research.

Download the Biomarker quantitation assay guide

Biomarker quantitation assay guide cover

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