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Sample data

QuantiGene Plex gene expression assay data

QuantiGene Plex assay performance on Luminex xMAP INTELLIFLEX compared to Luminex 200 and FLEXMAP 3D

A titration of human universal reference RNA (hURR, 250 ng/well, 1:4 dilution) was run with a 36-Plex QuantiGene Plex Panel to measure gene expression, both in 96- and 384-well assay format. Human ACTB (A), PPIB (B), LDHA (C) and RPL13A (D) gene expression data shows excellent correlation when acquired on INTELLIFLEX vs. established Luminex instruments. Graphs compare raw MFI data measured on INTELLIFLEX (x-axis) vs. Luminex 200 and FLEXMAP 3D (y-axis). R2 values indicate excellent assay linearity for all targets shown.

Serology assay as a potential application for the Luminex xMAP INTELLIFLEX Dual Reporter readout

(A) The Luminex xMAP INTELLIFLEX DR-SE instrument features an additional, violet reporter laser to enable a dual readout per microsphere (bead). The new violet laser excites the reporter fluorochrome bound to the microsphere surface at 405 nm and measures the emitted blue fluorescence at 421–441 nm. The green laser excites the reporter fluorochrome bound to the microsphere surface at 532 nm and measures the emitted orange fluorescence at 565–585 nm. (B) A concept for a potential application of a dual reporter serology assay is shown here: The antigen is coupled to the microsphere. The microspheres are incubated with the sample so antibodies in the sample recognize the antigen bound to the microsphere. PE-labeled Anti-IgG detection antibody and SB436 or Brilliant Violet-labeled Anti-IgA detection antibody are added which measures both the antigen-specific IgG and antigen-specific IgA that is bound to the bead. Using a second reporter will allow isotyping from one well using the same microsphere (bead). (C) Optical bench of the new Luminex xMAP INTELLIFLEX instrument is shown. 

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