Three product kits create the QuantiGene Plex Gene Expression Assay

QuantiGene Plex Gene Expression Assay workflow
QuantiGene Plex PanelQuantiGene Sample Processing kit (Optional)QuantiGene Plex Assay kitQuantiGene Plex Gene Expression Assay
Panel options and features:
  • Panel contains beads and probe sets for target and housekeeping genes
  • Select from over 22,000 genes
  • Measure up to 80 genes simultaneously
  • Use the QuantiGene Plex panel configurator tool to order your panel
Kits available for:

Sample processing kits are not needed if you are using purified RNA as your sample.

Reagents, plates, and seals for: Unique benefits:
  • Works with difficult sample types with no RNA purification required
  • High-throughput gene expression analysis
  • True multiplexing of up to 80 genes
  • Choose from over 22,000 validated genes and hundreds of pre-configured panels

Order your panel now!

The QuantiGene Plex Gene Expression Assay is comprised of three product kits, each sold separately. In addition to your Luminex instrument of choice, items such as magnetic plate washers and shakers are also needed. Use the QuantiGene Plex panel configurator tool to order your panel, and ensure you have the rest of the items listed below before running your assay. For additional help, please contact your sales specialist or request more information here.

The QuantiGene Plex panel configurator tool guides you through a few short questions to help you choose between published pre-configured panels, building your own panel based on common pathways, or designing a completely custom panel based on your unique gene expression analysis needs.

All QuantiGene Plex panels contain a target-specific probe set and magnetic capture beads. There are over 22,000 validated gene targets to choose from, but if you cannot find your target of interest, it can be added to your custom panel for a small design fee. We functionally verify every new panel, and custom panels are designed, built, validated, and shipped within 3 weeks of your order.

It is recommended that every panel include 3–5 housekeeping genes to enable data normalization using a geometric mean. For more guidance on selecting housekeeping genes and recommendations based on expected expression level and sample types used, download the Defining a QuantiGene Plex Assay Panel application note .

ItemPurposeRecommended options (pick one)Cat. No.
Luminex instrumentLuminex instrument is needed to read plates and gather dataxMAP INTELLIFLEX DR-SE SystemAPX2021
FLEXMAP 3D SystemAPX1342
Luminex 200 SystemAPX10031
Assay positive controlUniversal Reference RNAs are RNA extracts used as a positive control in QuantiGene assaysUniversal Human Reference RNAQS0639
Universal Mouse Reference RNAQS0640
Universal Rat Reference RNAQS0641
Temperature validation kitCalibrated thermometer to assess the accuracy of the temperature of the incubator. Accurate temperature settings are critical for proper target hybridizationQuantiGene Temperature Validation KitQS0517
Plate washerDesigned for use with the QuantiGene Plex assay configured for magnetic separationHand-Held Magnetic Plate WasherEPX-55555-000
Plate shaking incubatorShaking plates during incubation provides optimal temperature uniformity and efficient hybridizationVorTemp 56, 120V- holds 2 platesQP0703
VorTemp 56, 220V- holds 2 platesQP0704
Solaris 2000 Shaking Incubator, holds 6 platesSK2001MPKG
Room temp plate shakerPlate shaker for use in room temperature incubationsIKA MS 3 Digital Shaker, 1 plateQP0706

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.