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Mouse epididymal white adipose tissueAlteration of myocardial GRK2 produces a global metabolic phenotype. 2019
Mouse 2-cell embryosAnnatto (Bixaorellana) δ-TCT Supplementation Protection against Embryonic Malformations through Alterations in PI3K/Akt-Cyclin D1 Pathway. 2019
NHP serumApplication of Locked Nucleic Acid Oligonucleotides for siRNA Preclinical Bioanalytics. 2019
Human oncology samplesBead-based RNA multiplex panels for biomarker detection in oncology samples. 2019
Mouse cortexCombination of Insulin with a GLP1 Agonist Is Associated with Better Memory and Normal Expression of Insulin Receptor Pathway Genes in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease. 2019
Human bloodCombined bead-based multiplex detection of RNA and protein biomarkers: Implications for understanding the time course of skeletal muscle injury and repair. 2019
Mouse embryonic fibroblastsContext dependent roles for RB-E2F transcriptional regulation in tumor suppression. 2019
Human deciduaDecidual Interleukin-22-Producing CD4+ T Cells (Th17/Th0/IL-22+ and Th17/Th2/IL-22+, Th2/IL-22+, Th0/IL-22+), Which Also Produce IL-4, Are Involved in the Success of Pregnancy. 2019
Rat spinal cordEffect of lesion proximity on the regenerative response of long descending propriospinal neurons after spinal transection injury. 2019
Mouse cerebellum, forebraineIF2B activator prevents neurological defects caused by a chronic integrated stress response. 2019
Mouse primary tissue (multiple)Evidence for Genetic Contribution to Variation in Posttraumatic Osteoarthritis in Mice. 2019
Human PTEC-TERT1GalNAc Conjugation Attenuates the Cytotoxicity of Antisense Oligonucleotide Drugs in Renal Tubular Cells. 2019
Mouse earIL-36 receptor antagonistic antibodies inhibit inflammatory responses in preclinical models of psoriasiform dermatitis. 2019
Human bloodImmune Pharmacodynamic Responses of the Novel Cancer Immunotherapeutic Imprime PGG in Healthy Volunteers.  2019
Rat stomachIn vivo effect of Piper sarmentosum methanolic extract on stress-induced gastric ulcers in rats. 2019
Human small intestine epithelial cellsIncreased CXCR3+ T Cells Impairs Recruitment of T-Helper Type 17 Cells via Interferon γ and Interleukin 18 in the Small Intestine Mucosa During Treated HIV-1 Infection. 2019
Ferret stomachIncretin dysfunction and hyperglycemia in cystic fibrosis: Role of acyl-ghrelin. 2019
Mouse earMonocytes/Macrophages play a pathogenic role in IL-23 mediated psoriasis-like skin inflammation. 2019
Human hepatocytesPreclinical assessment of the ADME, efficacy and drug-drug interaction potential of a novel NAMPT inhibitor. 2019
Virus serumSerum Hepatitis B Virus RNA: A New Potential Biomarker for Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection. 2019
Chicken lung, spleenSynthetic CpG-ODN rapidly enriches immune compartments in neonatal chicks to induce protective immunity against bacterial infections. 2019
Human bloodThe contribution of parent-to-offspring transmission of telomeres to the heritability of telomere length in humans. 2019
Human breast cancerThe genesis and evolution of bead-based multiplexing. 2019
NHP lungThe responses of lungs and adjacent lymph nodes in responding to Yersinia pestis infection: A transcriptomic study using a non-human primate model. 2019
Human mesenchymal stromal cellsUniaxial Cyclic Tensile Stretching at 8% Strain Exclusively Promotes Tenogenic Differentiation of Human Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells. 2019
Human dermis, epidermisValidation of a predictive method for sunscreen formula evaluation using gene expression analysis in a Chinese reconstructed full-thickness skin model. 2019


Mouse ileum, liverActivation of PPARα decreases bile acids in livers of female mice while maintaining bile flow and biliary bile acid excretion. 2018
Human melanomaAnalysis of NRAS gain in 657 patients with melanoma and evaluation of its sensitivity to a MEK inhibitor.  2018
Mouse ileum, liverAryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) mediated short-term effects of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) on bile acid homeostasis in mice. 2018
Mouse subcutaneous tissuesBiocompatibility of injectable resilin-based hydrogels.  2018
Human hepatocytesCharacterization of CYP2C Induction in Cryopreserved Human Hepatocytes and Its Application in the Prediction of the Clinical Consequences of the Induction. 2018
Mouse MC38 tumorChoosing the Best Chemotherapy Agent to Boost Immune Checkpoint Inhibition Activity. 2018
Zebrafish larvaeComparative effects of cadmium, zinc, arsenic and chromium on olfactory-mediated neurobehavior and gene expression in larval zebrafish (Danio rerio). 2018
Mouse bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cellsComparison of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Isolated from Murine Adipose Tissue and Bone Marrow in the Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury. 2018
Human HepaRGCytochrome P450 1A2 Messenger RNA is a More Reliable Marker than Cytochrome P450 1A2 Activity, Phenacetin O-Deethylation, for Assessment of Induction Potential of Drug-Metabolizing Enzymes Using HepaRG Cells. 2018
Ferret lungDepletion of Airway Submucosal Glands and TP63+KRT5+ Basal Cells in Obliterative Bronchiolitis. 2018
Human Caco-2Detection and profiling of diarrheic marine biotoxins in shellfish by mRNA analysis of exposed Caco-2 cells using qRT-PCR and multiplex magnetic bead-based assays. 2018
Mouse lungDevelopment of a preclinical humanized mouse model to evaluate acute toxicity of an influenza vaccine. 2018
Mouse lungDevelopment of screening method for intranasal influenza vaccine and adjuvant safety in preclinical study. 2018
Human hepatocytesDicloxacillin induces CYP2C19, CYP2C9 and CYP3A4 in vivo and in vitro. 2018
Human cultured malaria-infected red blood cellsDirect Detection of Unamplified Pathogen RNA in Blood Lysate using an Integrated Lab-in-a-Stick Device and Ultrabright SERS Nanorattles. 2018
Human CD4 T cell-dendritic cell cocultureDiscovery and preclinical characterization of the antagonist anti-PD-L1 monoclonal antibody LY3300054. 2018
Human THP-1Discovery of a Novel Microtubule Targeting Agent as an Adjuvant for Cancer Immunotherapy. 2018
Human bloodEffective Response Metric: a novel tool to predict relapse in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia using time-series gene expression profiling. 2018
Human nasal-associated lymphoid tissueEstablishment of a novel safety assessment method for vaccine adjuvant development. 2018
Human liverEXO1 overexpression is associated with poor prognosis of hepatocellular carcinoma patients. 2018
Mouse corneaFibroblast growth factor-2 drives and maintains progressive corneal neovascularization following HSV-1 infection.  2018
Human non-small cell lung cancerGAP43, a novel metastasis promoter in non-small cell lung cancer. 2018
Human meniscusGene expression profiles of the meniscus avascular phenotype: A guide for meniscus tissue engineering.  2018
Human bloodGenome-wide association study of telomere length among South Asians identifies a second RTEL1 association signal. 2018
Human gastrointestinal stromal tumorHydroxysteroid 11-Beta Dehydrogenase 1 Overexpression with Copy-Number Gain and Missense Mutations in Primary Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors.  2018
Human hepatocytesIdentification of Retinoic Acid Receptor Agonists as Potent Hepatitis B Virus Inhibitors via a Drug Repurposing Screen. 2018
Human PBMCIn vitro marker gene expression analyses in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells: A tool to assess safety of influenza vaccines in humans. 2018
Human acral melanomaIncreased AURKA Gene Copy Number Correlates with Poor Prognosis and Predicts the Efficacy of High-dose Interferon Therapy in Acral Melanoma. 2018
Human PBMCIntegrative analysis reveals CD38 as a therapeutic target for plasma cell-rich pre-disease and established rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus. 2018
Human placentaInterindividual Regulation of the Breast Cancer Resistance Protein ABCG2 Transporter in Term Human Placentas.  2018
Mouse lungModeling for influenza vaccines and adjuvants profile for safety prediction system using gene expression profiling and statistical tools. 2018
Mouse skeletal muscleMultiplex Quantification Identifies Novel Exercise-regulated Myokines/Cytokines in Plasma and in Glycolytic and Oxidative Skeletal Muscle. 2018
Human breast cancerOptimization of a Multiplex RNA-based Expression Assay Using Breast Cancer Archival Material.  2018
Mouse kidneyOzanimod (RPC1063), a selective S1PR1 and S1PR5 modulator, reduces chronic inflammation and alleviates kidney pathology in murine systemic lupus erythematosus. 2018
Human brainParahippocampal gyrus expression of endothelial and insulin receptor signaling pathway genes is modulated by Alzheimer's disease and normalized by treatment with anti-diabetic agents.  2018
Rat kidneyPharmacological Characterization of IW-1973, a Novel Soluble Guanylate Cyclase Stimulator with Extensive Tissue Distribution, Antihypertensive, Anti-Inflammatory, and Antifibrotic Effects in Preclinical Models of Disease.  2018
Rat kidneyPrevention of chronic renal allograft rejection by AS2553627, a novel JAK inhibitor, in a rat transplantation model. 2018
Maize leafRNase If -treated quantitative PCR for dsRNA quantitation of RNAi trait in genetically modified crops. 2018
Human monocytesRole of the IL-6-Receptor expression in CD14+ monocytes in modulating sleep in patients with bipolar disorder.  2018
Mouse CT26 tumorTargeting the TGFβ pathway with galunisertib, a TGFβRI small molecule inhibitor, promotes anti-tumor immunity leading to durable, complete responses, as monotherapy and in combination with checkpoint blockade. 2018
Human melanomaTERT copy gain predicts the outcome of high-dose interferon α-2b therapy in acral melanoma. 2018
Mouse CT26 tumor, EMT6 tumor, MC38 tumorThe CDK4/6 Inhibitor Abemaciclib Induces a T Cell Inflamed Tumor Microenvironment and Enhances the Efficacy of PD-L1 Checkpoint Blockade. 2018
Mouse bone marrow-derived macrophagesThe influence of macrophage growth factors on Theiler's Murine Encephalomyelitis Virus (TMEV) infection and activation of macrophages. 2018


Mouse lungA novel vaccinological evaluation of intranasal vaccine and adjuvant safety for preclinical tests.
Zebrafish larvaeA targeted gene expression platform allows for rapid analysis of chemical-induced antioxidant mRNA expression in zebrafish larvae. 2017
Human HepatoPacApplying Stable Isotope Labeled Amino Acids in Micropatterned Hepatocyte Coculture to Directly Determine the Degradation Rate Constant for CYP3A4. 2017
Human brainAssessment of vascularity in glioblastoma and its implications on patient outcomes. 2017
Human colorectal cancerAssociation of TET1 expression with colorectal cancer progression. 2017
Human thymocytesCD31, a Valuable Marker to Identify Early and Late Stages of T Cell Differentiation in the Human Thymus2017
Zebrafish larvaeComparative Analysis of Vertebrate Diurnal/Circadian Transcriptomes. 2017
Rat stomachComparison between tocotrienol and omeprazole on gastric growth factors in stress-exposed rats2017
Human colonCrohn's Colitis: Development of a multiplex gene expression assay comparing mRNA levels of susceptibility genes. 2017
Human melanoma, Spitz nevusDifferential UBE2C and HOXA1 expression in melanocytic nevi and melanoma. 2017
Human medulloblastomaDistinctive localization and MRI features correlate of molecular subgroups in adult medulloblastoma. 2017
Mouse liverEditor's Highlight: Clofibrate Decreases Bile Acids in Livers of Male Mice by Increasing Biliary Bile Acid Excretion in a PPARα-Dependent Manner.  2017
Human subcutaneous adipose-derived stem cellsEditor's Highlight: Screening ToxCast Prioritized Chemicals for PPARG Function in a Human Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Model of Adipogenesis.  2017
Salmon liverEffect of contaminants of emerging concern on liver mitochondrial function in Chinook salmon. 2017
Human colonic mucosaEffect of cytomegalovirus and Epstein-Barr virus replication on intestinal mucosal gene expression and microbiome composition of HIV-infected and uninfected individuals. 2017
Human hair follicular cellsEffects of bright light exposure during daytime on peripheral clock gene expression in humans. 2017
Human PBMCEndothelial dysfunction is associated with activation of the type I interferon system and platelets in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. 2017
Mouse forepaw, hindpawEstrogen attenuates the spondyloarthritis manifestations of the SKG arthritis model. 2017
Mouse lungEvaluation of marker gene expression as a potential predictive marker of leukopenic toxicity for inactivated influenza vaccines. 2017
Human mesenchymal stem cellsFate of tenogenic differentiation potential of human bone marrow stromal cells by uniaxial stretching affected by stretch-activated calcium channel agonist gadolinium.  2017
Human acral melanomaFrequent Genetic Aberrations in the CDK4 Pathway in Acral Melanoma Indicate the Potential for CDK4/6 Inhibitors in Targeted Therapy. 2017
Human Tr1 cellsGeneration of donor-specific Tr1 cells to be used after kidney transplantation and definition of the timing of their in vivo infusion in the presence of immunosuppression.  2017
Human, Mouse OPM-2, skin, bloodHEXIM1 as a Robust Pharmacodynamic Marker for Monitoring Target Engagement of BET Family Bromodomain Inhibitors in Tumors and Surrogate Tissues.  2017
Human hCMEC/D3HIV-1 Latency-Reversing Agents Prostratin and Bryostatin-1 Induce Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption/Inflammation and Modulate Leukocyte Adhesion/Transmigration. 2017
Human melanomaIdentification of coexistence of BRAF V600E mutation and EZH2 gain specifically in melanoma as a promising target for combination therapy.  2017
Human HT1080Identification of novel resistance mechanisms to NAMPT inhibition via the de novo NAD+ biosynthesis pathway and NAMPT mutation. 2017
Mouse RAW 264.7IFN-γ fails to overcome inhibition of selected macrophage activation events in response to pathogenic mycobacteria. 2017
Human adipocytesImmune cell-derived cytokines contribute to obesity-related inflammation, fibrogenesis and metabolic deregulation in human adipose tissue. 2017
Human renal proximal tubule epithelial cellsInhibition of EGF Uptake by Nephrotoxic Antisense Drugs In Vitro and Implications for Preclinical Safety Profiling. 2017
Mouse mouse embryonic fibroblastsInterchangeable Roles for E2F Transcriptional Repression by the Retinoblastoma Protein and p27KIP1-Cyclin-Dependent Kinase Regulation in Cell Cycle Control and Tumor Suppression. 2017
Human colorectal cancerLY3009120, a panRAF inhibitor, has significant anti-tumor activity in BRAF and KRAS mutant preclinical models of colorectal cancer. 2017
Mouse hemibrainMolecular indicators of stress-induced neuroinflammation in a mouse model simulating features of post-traumatic stress disorder. 2017
Mouse liverMultiple molecular interactions redundantly contribute to RB-mediated cell cycle control. 2017
Rat neuronsPaxillin facilitates timely neurite initiation on soft-substrate environments by interacting with the endocytic machinery. 2017
Human bloodPeripheral Blood Gene Expression Changes Associated With Primary Graft Dysfunction After Lung Transplantation. 2017
Human GIST48PLCB4 copy gain and PLCß4 overexpression in primary gastrointestinal stromal tumors: Integrative characterization of a lipid-catabolizing enzyme associated with worse disease-free survival. 2017
Human SKM1Preclinical Characterization of BET Family Bromodomain Inhibitor ABBV-075 Suggests Combination Therapeutic Strategies. 2017
Human gastric cancerPrognostic value of a 25-gene assay in patients with gastric cancer after curative resection. 2017
Human PBMCSafety, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics of oral omaveloxolone (RTA 408), a synthetic triterpenoid, in a first-in-human trial of patients with advanced solid tumors. 2017
Human hepatocytesSimple Evaluation Method for CYP3A4 Induction from Human Hepatocytes: The Relative Factor Approach with an Induction Detection Limit Concentration Based on the Emax Model. 2017
Maize root, grain, leafSingle-Event Transgene Product Levels Predict Levels in Genetically Modified Breeding Stacks. 2017
Human endometrial stroma cellsSyndecan-1 Acts as an Important Regulator of CXCL1 Expression and Cellular Interaction of Human Endometrial Stromal and Trophoblast Cells. 2017
Rat plasmaSystems Vaccinology Applied to DNA Vaccines: Perspective and Challenges. 2017
Mouse skinTbet is a critical modulator of FoxP3 expression in autoimmune graft -versus- host disease.  2017
Human leukocytesThe association between telomere length and mortality in Bangladesh. 2017
Rat heartThe NRF2 activator DH404 attenuates adverse ventricular remodeling post-myocardial infarction by modifying redox signalling. 2017
Human H1650The Volume of Three-Dimensional Cultures of Cancer Cells InVitro Influences Transcriptional Profile Differences and Similarities with Monolayer Cultures and Xenografted Tumors. 2017
Canine eyeTolerability of Topical Tocilizumab Eyedrops in Dogs: A Pilot Study. 2017
Human MDA-MB-231 mouse xenograftTumor regression and modulation of gene expression via tumor-targeted tocotrienol niosomes. 2017
Rat cardiomyocytesUrsodeoxycholic acid protects cardiomyocytes against cobalt chloride induced hypoxia by regulating transcriptional mediator of cells stress hypoxia inducible factor 1α and p53 protein. 2017
Human bloodValidation of whole-blood transcriptome signature during microdose recombinant human erythropoietin (rHuEpo) administration. 2017
Human HeLaVisualization of self-delivering hydrophobically modified siRNA cellular internalization. 2017


Mouse, Rat tibiaA bispecific antibody targeting sclerostin and DKK-1 promotes bone mass accrual and fracture repair. 2016
Human acute myeloid leukemiaA clinical measure of DNA methylation predicts outcome in de novo acute myeloid leukemia. 2016
Ferret, Rabbit, Guinea Pig PBMCA Novel Class of Small Molecule Agonists with Preference for Human over Mouse TLR4 Activation. 2016
Mouse ileum, liverActivation of Constitutive Androstane Receptor (CAR) in Mice Results in Maintained Biliary Excretion of Bile Acids Despite a Marked Decrease of Bile Acids in Liver. 2016
Human neonatal immature granulocytesAlterations in neonatal neutrophil function attributable to increased immature forms. 2016
Mouse renal cortical tissueAntifibrotic Effects of the Dual CCR2/CCR5 Antagonist Cenicriviroc in Animal Models of Liver and Kidney Fibrosis. 2016
Human keratinocytesAnti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects of Aquaphilusdolomiae extract on in vitro models. 2016
Mouse RAW 264.7Anti-inflammatory effects of oroxylin A on RAW 264.7 mouse macrophages induced with polyinosinic-polycytidylic acid. 2016
Human astrocytomaAspartate-β-hydroxylase (ASPH): A potential therapeutic target in human malignant gliomas.  2016
Rat muscleBiochemically engineered stromal cell-derived factor 1-alpha analog increases perfusion in the ischemic hind limb2016
Human bloodBlood transcriptional signature of recombinant human erythropoietin administration and implications for antidoping strategies. 2016
Human SW837Development of a High-Throughput Gene Expression Screen for Modulators of RAS-MAPK Signaling in a Mutant RAS Cellular Context. 2016
Yeast yeast cell pelletsDivergent MLS1 Promoters Lie on a Fitness Plateau for Gene Expression. 2016
Maize pollen, root, whole plant, grain, leafEcological risk assessment for DvSnf7 RNA: A plant-incorporated protectant with targeted activity against western corn rootworm. 2016
Human hepatocytesEstablishment of In Silico Prediction Models for CYP3A4 and CYP2B6 Induction in Human Hepatocytes by Multiple Regression Analysis Using Azole Compounds. 2016
Human colorectal cancerEvaluation and selection of a non-PCR based technology for improved gene expression profiling from clinical formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded samples. 2016
Human hepatocytesEvaluation of Normalization Methods To Predict CYP3A4 Induction in Six Fully Characterized Cryopreserved Human Hepatocyte Preparations and HepaRG Cells. 2016
Human A549Grape Seed Procyanidin Extract Mediates Antineoplastic Effects against Lung Cancer via Modulations of Prostacyclin and 15-HETE Eicosanoid Pathways.  2016
Mouse liverHepatic Transporter Expression in Metabolic Syndrome: Phenotype, Serum Metabolic Hormones, and Transcription Factor Expression. 2016
Human tumor-infiltrating T cellsHigh-content molecular profiling of T-cell therapy in oncology. 2016
Human mammary tissueHormone Receptor Expression Analyses in Neoplastic and Non-Neoplastic Canine Mammary Tissue by a Bead Based Multiplex Branched DNA Assay: A Gene Expression Study in Fresh Frozen and Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded Samples. 2016
Human adipocytesIncreased Basement Membrane Components in Adipose Tissue During Obesity: Links With TGFβ and Metabolic Phenotypes. 2016
Mouse brainInduction of VEGFA and Snail-1 by meningitic Escherichia coli mediates disruption of the blood-brain barrier  2016
Mosquito mosquitosLarval application of sodium channel homologous dsRNA restores pyrethroid insecticide susceptibility in a resistant adult mosquito population. 2016
Canine mammary glandLongitudinal Claudin Gene Expression Analyses in Canine Mammary Tissues and Thereof Derived Primary Cultures and Cell Lines. 2016
Human vastus lateralis muscleLong-Term Calorie Restriction Enhances Cellular Quality-Control Processes in Human Skeletal Muscle. 2016
Human urotheliumMCM10 overexpression implicates adverse prognosis in urothelial carcinoma.  2016
Human mammary tissueMultiplex Gene Expression Profiling of 16 Target Genes in Neoplastic and Non-Neoplastic Canine Mammary Tissues Using Branched-DNA Assay. 2016
Human HepaRGNew Screening Criteria Setting on Evaluation of Cytochrome P450 Induction Using HepaRG Cells with Multiplex Branched DNA Technologies in Early Drug Discovery. 2016
Maize pollenNo impact of DvSnf7 RNA on honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) adults and larvae in dietary feeding tests. 2016
Mouse heartPiper betle Induced Cytoprotective Genes and Proteins via the Nrf2/ARE Pathway in Aging Mice.  2016
Human WISHPlatelet-Derived S100A8/A9 and Cardiovascular Disease in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.  2016
Human hepatocytesPrediction of Drug-Drug Interactions Arising from CYP3A induction Using a Physiologically Based Dynamic Model. 2016
Human gastric cancerRecurrent amplification of MYC and TNFRSF11B in 8q24 is associated with poor survival in patients with gastric cancer. 2016
Human peripheral blood cellsTelomere length measurement by a novel Luminex-based assay: a blinded comparison to Southern blot. 2016
Mouse proximal colonThe Circadian Clock Mutation Promotes Intestinal Dysbiosis. 2016
Mouse lungTherapeutic expansion of CD4+FoxP3+ regulatory T cells limits allergic airway inflammation during pulmonary fungal infection. 2016
Human ARPE-19TLR4 inhibitor attenuates amyloid-β-induced angiogenic and inflammatory factors in ARPE-19 cells: Implications for age-related macular degeneration. 2016
Human fibroblastsTranscript, methylation and molecular docking analyses of the effects of HDAC inhibitors, SAHA and Dacinostat, on SMN2 expression in fibroblasts of SMA patients.< /a> 2016
Human gastrointestinal stromal tumorTranscriptomic reappraisal identifies MGLL overexpression as an unfavorable prognosticator in primary gastrointestinal stromal tumors. 2016
Rat neonatal cardiomyocytesUrsodeoxycholic acid upregulates ERK and Akt in the protection of cardiomyocytes against CoCl2. 2016
Mouse tracheal tissueWnt Signaling Regulates Airway Epithelial Stem Cells in Adult Murine Submucosal Glands.  2016