Maximize results while minimizing hands-on time with Luminex Automation Solutions for multiplex RNA and protein screening

Streamline your Luminex workflow and increase efficiency. Generate accurate and reliable results using our assays designed for 384-well high-throughput format for both protein and gene expression studies. Leverage our lab automation solutions, whether automating a single step or your entire workflow for Invitrogen ProcartaPlex or QuantiGene Plex assays. The combination of multiplexing assays and high throughput maximizes data per sample and number of samples processed, saving weeks compared to single plex and lower throughput assays.


In a typical workflow, cells are treated with various stimulants or compounds. Cell lysates (for RNA, membrane and intracellular proteins) or cell supernatants (for cytokines or other secreted proteins) are collected. Samples are interrogated with kits corresponding to the targets of interest. Results are generated on a Luminex Instrument.

RNA and protein data from the same sample

U937 cells cultured in 384-well plates were stimulated with PMA (24 hr) or LPS (48 hr). The cell culture supernatant was collected, and secreted proteins were measured using the Th1/Th2 cytokine and chemokine ProcartaPlex panel. The cells were lysed using the QuantiGene lysis mixture and gene expression changes measured using a 36-plex QuantiGene Plex panel. Both assays were read on a Luminex xMAP INTELLIFLEX DR-SE instrument.

Luminex high-throughput solutions and capabilities

Two assays, one simple technology: High-throughput measurement of protein and gene expression on a single platform

Invitrogen ProcartaPlex and QuantiGene Plex assays offer the unique ability of a multi-omics high-throughput approach by utilizing the Luminex platform. Genomic and proteomic workflows can be combined without compromising data interpretation or sensitivity. Investigate cell functions and responses by simultaneously interrogating large sets of RNA or protein targets in single samples in the 384-well format.


Examination of both RNA and protein expression variations (see Workflow and Sample data, below) can provide a robust and accurate indication of cell states. RNA levels can be transient and may not correlate with protein levels, which are likely to be maintained for longer periods of time to maintain cellular functions. Due to differences in timing and expression levels, one assay may detect changes that the other does not. Alternatively, the two data sets can further support key findings. The ability to perform both RNA and protein measurements using simple, unified high-throughput workflows can make the Invitrogen ProcartaPlex and QuantiGene Plex assays ideal screening tools for large-scale screening studies that benefit from automation workflows.

Luminex instruments

High-throughput multiplex protein assays

ProcartaPlex Assays kits are available both in multiple formats (preconfigured panels, custom Mix & Match panels, Simplex kits) for both 96- and 384-well plates.

High-throughput multiplex gene expression assays

Multiplex the analysis of your genes of interest with QuantiGene Plex Gene Expression Assays available in both 96-and 384-well formats

Sample data

Total protein quantitation (bar graphs) and normalized gene expression analysis (line graphs) showing an excellent correlation between gene expression and protein translation for representative targets, MCP-1/CCL2 and IL-8/CXCL8, for the stimulants, LPS and PMA.

The Thermo Scientific inSPIRE Collaborative Automation Platform offers a configurable and intuitive interface for the high-throughput ProcartaPlex and QuantiGene Plex assays. Each step of the workflow for these assays is automated by various instruments that are displayed here on the inSPIRE platform. The Momentum Scheduling software integrates all steps and allows for automation of the manual protocol to exceptional detail, like incubation temperature monitoring and control, protocol specified sample handling and well level sample tracking.  

Automated laboratory solutions for Invitrogen Luminex Assays

The Thermo Fisher Laboratory Automation team brings decades of experience in automated incubation, laboratory robotics and workflow scheduling. Our dedicated team of specialists is on-hand to provide automation support and expertise to help you meet your laboratory high-throughput needs.


Scalable solutions from single step liquid transfers to full systems that also include magnetic bead washing, reagent dispensing, and more are available. Solutions are also available for multiple throughputs ranging from partial plates to multiple plates within the same run.


Thermo Fisher Scientific Laboratory Automation solutions include: automated incubators, configurable platforms, robotic movers, workflow scheduling software, and lab informatics. We leveraged the expertise of our assay development and laboratory automation teams to design automated high-throughput solutions for our Invitrogen Luminex assays, ProcartaPlex and QuantiGene Plex on the Thermo Scientific inSPIRE Collaborative Automation Platform (see image above), which can help bring configurable and intuitive solutions to the lab. 

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.