Precise multiplex gene expression in high throughput

Invitrogen QuantiGene Plex assays offer a fast and high-throughput solution for multiplex gene expression quantitation, allowing the simultaneous measurement of up to 80 genes of interest in a single well of a 96- or 384-well plate using any Luminex instrument for data acquisition.

About QuantiGene Plex assays

The QuantiGene Plex assay is hybridization-based and incorporates branched DNA (bDNA) technology, which uses signal amplification rather than target amplification for direct measurement of RNA transcripts. The assay is extremely easy to use with a simple ELISA-like workflow, and it does not require RNA purification and reverse transcription. There is an excellent correlation for data acquired via the gold standard qPCR and QuantiGene.

NEW Invitrogen Immune Response 80-Plex Human QuantiGene Plex Panel

Analyze 80 cytokine, chemokine, and growth factor targets simultaneously to enable efficient immune response profiling, biomarker discovery, and validation.

Unique benefits

Works with difficult sample types and no RNA isolation

In addition to purified RNA, lysates, and homogenates, this assay works with degraded and cross-linked RNA in FFPE tissues and with whole blood; no RNA purification required

True multiplexing

Measure up to 80 genes of interest, including housekeeping genes, in the same well with no cross-reactivity while utilizing small sample volumes

Standardized platform and correlation with qPCR

96-well plate format compatible with Luminex 200, and FLEXMAP 3D systems and 384-well with FLEXMAP 3D and xMAP INTELLIFLEX systems; excellent correlation with gold standard qPCR

Simple workflow

ELISA-like workflow for target hybridization and signal amplification with no RNA purification or reverse transcription needed

Large inventory of validated genes and panels

Select from over 22,000 genes to create pathway and disease-themed panels or choose one of hundreds of preconfigured panels


Custom panels can be created within 3–4 weeks

Detect low-abundance genes

Exquisite sensitivity allows for the basal measurement of low-expression genes

Complementary and highly correlative

Matched ProcartaPlex protein panels are available  

Flexible formats

A variety of formats for different research needs.

QuantiGene Gene Expression Assay Ordering

Three product kits create the QuantiGene Plex gene expression assay. All QuantiGene Plex panels contain a target-specific probe set and magnetic capture beads. There are over 22,000 validated gene targets to choose from, but if you cannot find your target of interest, it can be added to your custom panel for a small design fee. We functionally verify every new panel, and custom panels are designed, built, validated, and shipped within 3–4 weeks of your order. It is recommended that every panel include 3–5 housekeeping genes to enable data normalization using a geometric mean.


Limit of detection ≤1,000–2,000 transcripts/assay well
Limit of quantitation ≤2,000–4,000 transcripts/assay well
Linear dynamic range ≥3 logarithmic units
Assay CV ≤15% intra-assay; ≤20% inter-assay
Compatible sample types Cultured cells, bacteria, whole blood, PAXgene blood, Invitrogen Tempus samples, dried blood spots, fresh-frozen tissues (animal or plant), FFPE samples, purified RNA
Assay format 96- or 384-well plate
Targets/well 3–80

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.