Maximizing performance in your bioreactor processes

Traditional feeding supplements require a compromise between working volume and feeding space in your bioreactor. Not anymore. Now you can overcome the conventional solubility limitations of fed-batch cell culture and achieve superior performance while minimizing risk.

Gibco EfficientFeed A+, B+, and C+ feeding supplements deliver super-concentrated nutrients in a complete, easy-to-prepare, dry-format feed, allowing you to maximize performance without compromise.

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Superior performance

  • Achieve increases of at least 2- to 5-fold over batch culture, with a means to reach higher titers using super-concentration flexibility
  • Save time with Gibco AGT dry format media for simple, rapid preparation that also helps reduce risk

Reconstitution flexibility

  • Power to super-concentrate up to 150–200g/L at neutral pH, without any additional pH adjustment

Minimize risk

  • Fewer closed-system connections with room temperature storage of reconstituted liquid
  • Less reconstitution steps required in using a single-part product

Ultimate flexibility through super-concentration

The EfficientFeed + Supplements are designed with the flexibility to super-concentrate chemically defined components up to 3X (i.e., 200 g/L) of original levels while remaining pH-neutral. This is accomplished with nutrient delivery technology that allows reconstitution without pH adjustments (i.e., just add water). By adding different amounts of water during reconstitution, you can concentrate these supplements 2X, or up to 3X.

How to super-concentrate:

  1. Weigh out the increased amount indicated here instead of the 1X amount.
  2. Mix for the extended time shown here to help completely dissolve the more concentrated supplements.
Product Concentration Dissolution Time
EfficientFeed A+ 1X (66.4 g/L) 20 min
  3X (199.2 g/L) 75 min
EfficientFeed B+ 1X (52.7 g/L) 20 min
  3X (158.1 g/L) 50 min
EfficientFeed C+ 1X (81.2 g/L) 40 min
  2X (162.4 g/L) 60 min

No more compromise

Until now, traditional fed-batch bioreactor space necessitated a compromise: the amount of complete feeding supplements one could add meant a trade-off between initial working volume and feeding space (dilution factor).

Today, EfficientFeed + Supplements empower you to deliver up to 200 g/L of needed nutrients in a complete, super-concentrated, pH-neutral feed. The reduction in required feeding space provides you with three ways to optimize your bioreactor output for every run:

  1. Reduce product dilution
  2. Maximize working volume
  3. Increase feeding of nutrients for increased titer

Feeding examples (traditional bolus feeding):

Product Concentration % Addition on Culture Days Indicated
  4 5 6 7 8 9 10
EfficientFeed™ A+ 1X (66.4 g/L) 10% - 10% - 10% - 10%
3X (199.2 g/L) 3.3% - 3.3% - 3.3% - 3.3%
EfficientFeed™ B+ 1X (52.7 g/L) 10% - 10% - 10% - 10%
3X (158.1 g/L) 3.3% - 3.3% - 3.3% - 3.3%
EfficientFeed™ C+ 1X (81.2 g/L) 10% - 10% - 10% - 10%
2X (162.4 g/L) 5% - 5% - 5% - 5%

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