More choice and control for all of your bioprocessing needs

Gibco cell culture products are designed and manufactured to provide the performance and quality you need. From media and additives to reagents and buffers, we can help you achieve superior outcomes with reproducible results each and every day.

Gibco products come in an array of formats to suit your particular processing application, with special customization options for both media formats and made-to-order packaging solutions.  With a focus on flexibility and performance, our media format options provide you with more choice and control in achieving your processing goals.

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Selecting your optimal format

From cutting-edge Advanced Granulation Technology (AGT) to large-scale bioprocessing liquids, we can help you find the best format, size, and packaging to meet your needs.



Volume Sizes

Package Sizes (Approximate Max Capacity)




Advanced dry media format that simplifies handling and reconstitution in production and streamlines raw material Quality Control requirements (including storage and release) while maintaining consistent performance and product quality.

Format available for all Gibco cell culture media and feeds.

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1 – 1,250kg

Securitainers: 1L, 4L, 7 L and 25 L*

Ropack Buckets: 120L, 200L, 350L, 450L, 600L*

Blue HDPE Drum: 4 x 600L, 5 x 650L, 6 x 1000L *+

Liquid Media



Liquid format for Gibco performance media, feeds, buffers and general bioprocessing supplements. Our products are designed to meet your specifications including flexible BioProcess Containers (BPCs) in the size of your choice from 1 L to 1,000 L.

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1 – 10,000L

PET Boxy Bottles: 0.1L, 0.5L and 1.0L

HDPE Bottles: 0.1:, 0.5L and 1.0L

Bags: 1L, 10L, 20L, 50L, 100L and 200L in films

Dry Powder Media (DPM)


Standard dry powder (DPM) for Gibco performance media, feeds and additives for bioprocessing

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1 – 7,500kg

Securitainers: 1L, 5L, 10L and 35 L*

Ropack Buckets: 150L, 250L, 450L, 600L, 800L*

Blue HDPE Drum: 4 x 600L, 5 x 650L, 6 x 1000L *+

* Assuming 23 g/L reconstitution ratio.
+ Each drum contains multiple bags of medium

Customized to meet your application needs

Your cell culture needs are unique, and we are committed to meeting your bioprocessing challenges. We offer a full array of customization options for bioprocessing products, services and packing to suit your needs.

Nearly all Gibco cell culture media products can be customized to your research and production needs in formulation and scale-up manufacturing.

Gibco BioProduction Services is your partner of choice for all upstream media needs. We believe in putting you and the needs of your customers first and understand the importance of high titers, protein quality, and accelerated time to market. Discover how we can develop solutions specifically for your unique program.

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When standard packaging does not meet your needs, our expert Packaging Engineers are ready to help create a custom solution for you. We offer custom packaging options for liquid, dry powder and AGT media in a wide variety of configurations.

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Manufacturing excellence and supply chain confidence

Risk is real. We pride ourselves on our risk mitigation strategy, which ensures continuity of supply for all raw materials used in cell culture manufacturing. Our Bioproduction specialty teams work closely with you to share forecasts and plan early. This partnership allows us to mitigate supplier risk based on your individual needs.

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Bioprocessing resources

Access a targeted collection of scientific application notes, case studies, posters, white papers and more for bioprocessing:

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