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Beginning-to-end solutions for your development needs

We understand that cell line development involves multiple, complex processes requiring consistency and reproducible results. That’s why Gibco products are designed to provide you with integrated stable cell line development solutions to simplify your development workflow and accelerate your processes to commercial manufacture.

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Get the best start for your development processes

All Gibco Freedom cell line development products are cGMP compliant, with no need to source components or develop vectors, allowing you to focus on quickly moving your workflow from cell line to process development.

Development Products

Convenient, easy-to-use kits that contain all of the necessary components for cell line cloning and expression of your protein of interest. Contact us to see if you qualify for our new trial program* on any of our Freedom Kit offerings.

Freedom Kit benefits include:

  • Regulatory-friendly cGMP-banked ExpiCHO-S, CHO-S, and DG44 cell lines
  • Single and dual vector systems for cloning and transfection
  • Single-stream, animal origin free medium for the entire workflow, from cell line to process development
  • Complete protocol provided
  • Proven for IgG production

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*Customer qualification based on an individual assessment.

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