If you agree your CHO-derived biologic shouldn’t be subject to development constraints imposed by others, break free with Freedom Cell Line Development Kits. Gain commercial licensing that’s simple, flexible and without royalties.

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  • Commercial licensing that’s simple, flexible and without royalties (see figure 1) - Licensing FAQ's
  • Consistently generate IgG producing scalable clones that achieve good levels of productivity (see figure 2)
  • Easy-to-use kit that can take your gene of interest from transfection to lead clone in typically less than 6 months
  • Completely integrated animal origin-free workflow utilizing a fully-documented cGMP parental cell line
  • Gibco Freedom CHO-S Kit developed in collaboration with ProBioGen AG

Two kits are available, each backed by the technical support of Thermo Fisher Scientific's Process Science Team

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Gibco Freedom CHO-S Kit

Gibco Freedom DG44 Kit

Ability to achieve titers >3 g/L Proven host cell used in the production of commercial products
Proven in IgG production Can be used for IgG production
Attain scalable clones in <6 months Attain scalable clones in <6 months
Developed in collaboration with ProBioGen AG Proven in recombinant protein production
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Developed by Thermo Fisher Scientific
Gibco Freedom CHO-S Kit FAQ's Gibco Freedom DG44 Kit FAQ's
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Licensing questions? Visit our Licensing FAQ's page or contact for license terms.

Figure 1: Freedom Cell Line Development Kits Flexible Business Model   Figure 2: Industry-standard titers achieved with Freedom™ CHO-S Kit
Freedom from royalties? √  Yes
Freedom from annual maintenance fees? √  Yes
Freedom to use any contract manufacturer √  Yes
Freedom to host cell line for multiple projects? √  Yes
Freedom to modify the host cell line? √  Yes
Freedom the modify the purchased vector? √  Yes
Freedom to conduct process optimization? √  Yes
Freedom to request support when desired? √  Yes
Freedom to partner with others within field of use?* √  Yes

Clone productivity was assessed using a DASGIP parallel bioreactor system in CD FortiCHO Medium supplemented with L-glutamine and CD EfficientFeed B. Cultures were fed with CD EfficientFeed C and glucose. Final clone productivity ranged between 1.5 and 3.3 g/L.

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For all users of the Gibco Freedom CHO-S Kit, we’ve developed a special FAQ eBook to enable you to get the most success from your kit. Inside, you’ll find the most commonly asked questions answered directly by our kit experts.

The FAQ eBook has been specially formatted to provide an incredible, interactive experience.  Each FAQ section contains:

  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Dos and Don'ts
  • Helpful tips
  • Illustrative photos, diagrams and video

Download your copy of the Gibco Freedom CHO-S Kit FAQ eBook

FAQ eBook for Gibco Freedom CHO-S

Please note that the content in the FAQ document is not meant to replace the full User Guide. To download the full User Guide, please click the link below:

Gibco Freedom CHO-S Kit users guide

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