Gibco Freedom Cell Line Development Kits

If you agree that your CHO-derived biologic shouldn’t be subject to development constraints imposed by others, break free with Gibco® Freedom® Cell Line Development Kits. Gain commercial licensing that’s simple, flexible, and without royalties.

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Gibco Freedom kits, developed in collaboration with ProBioGen AG, contain all the components for beginning-to-end cloning and expression, within a short development time (<6 months from gene of interest to clone):

  • Regulatory-friendly, cGMP-banked cell lines
  • Complete protocol provided
  • Fast and efficient workflow for the creation of stable clones
  • Proven for IgG production
  • Flexible, royalty-free commercial licensing options with no annual fees
  • High titers (3–5 g/L in fed-batch cultures)*

*When using Freedom ExpiCHO-S Kit as recommended. Results may vary, based on process conditions.

Consultative, experienced support

Your Freedom kit includes support from the Gibco Field Application Scientist (FAS) team—experts in biopharmaceutical processes and the use and applications of Gibco products and services. The FAS team has broad experience in cell culture, process characterization, scale-up, analytics, product development, process optimization, and tech transfer. Guidance and step-by-step support can be provided to you throughout the cell line development workflow. 

Freedom from royalties?Yes
Freedom from annual maintenance fees?Yes
Freedom to use any contract manufacturer?Yes
Freedom to host cell line for multiple projects?*Yes
Freedom to modify the host cell line?Yes
Freedom  to modify the purchased vector?Yes
Freedom to conduct process optimization?Yes
Freedom to request support when desired?Yes
Freedom to partner with others within field of use?*Yes
*Some sale and distribuition restrictions may apply 

Details of our three kits

Licensing questions? Contact for license terms.


Freedom ExpiCHO-S kit​

Freedom CHO-DG44 kit​

Freedom CHO-S kit​

  Catalog Number




  Parental Cell Line​

cGMP ExpiCHO-S cells​

cGMP CHO-DG44 cells​

cGMP CHO-S cells​


ExpiCHO expression medium and ExpiCHO stable production medium​

CD DG44 and CD OptiCHO


  Growth rate​

<24 hours​

>30 hours​

<24 hours​


Freedom pCHOm 3.1and ​Freedom pCHOp 3.2​

pcDNA 3.3-TOPO and pOptiVEC-TOPO

Freedom pCHO 1.0​​

  Primary application​

mAb and recombinant protein​

mAb and recombinant protein​

mAb (IgG)​


  (with Methotrexate)​




  Timeline – transfection
   to stable clone​

~24 to ~36 weeks​

~36 weeks​

~24 weeks​

  Complete Manual​








  Commercial licensing​





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Bioprocessing resources

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