Automated brightfield and fluorescence cell counting options to extend your research

Both Countess models are fast, simple, automated cell counters that incorporate artificial intelligence for superb accuracy and precision, even for challenging samples. Choose between the Countess 3 Automated Cell Counter with brightfield cell counting and the Countess 3 FL Automated Cell Counter with both brightfield and fluorescence modes.

Which Countess 3 automated cell counter is best for you?

Both Countess 3 models work the same way and share common features

  • Accurate and precise
  • Fast
  • Simple
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance support software 
  • Automated
  • Applications beyond counting
  • Reusable slide compatible

Both models accurately count “difficult” samples such as those containing clumpy cells or debris, and both reduce variability between users, increasing reproducibility.


The key difference between the models is that the Countess 3 instrument counts in brightfield mode only, while the Countess 3 FL instrument can count in either brightfield only or brightfield and fluorescence mode using interchangeable EVOS LED light cubes. Fluorescence capabilities open up additional application options for the Countess 3 FL instrument, and can extend your research beyond just GFP and RFP with 14 EVOS LED light cubes to choose from.


Looking for information about Countess II Automated Cell Counters? See Countess II resources.

Selection guide

Countess 3 Automated Cell Counter

Countess 3 FL Automated Cell Counter
Product summary
Highly accurate, easy-to-use, brightfield cell counter with reusable slide capability 


Highly accurate, easy-to-use, brightfield and fluorescence cell counter with reusable slide capability and interchangeable light cubes 


Example usage
Cell culture labs that need accurate, simple, quick, and affordable brightfield cell counts to prepare cells for downstream applications and culture splitting 


Cell biology labs that need accurate, simple, quick, and affordable brightfield and fluorescence cell counts, extending to in-depth analysis of mixed cell populations such as live vs dead, nucleated vs non-nucleated, and transfected vs untransfected  


Detailed comparison between Countess II/II FL and Countess 3/3 FL Automated Cell Counters

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.