Verified antibody panels for flow cytometry

Verified antibody panels for flow cytometry

Coined in 2010, the term “optimized multicolor immunofluorescence panel”, or OMIP, refers to a thoroughly tested and validated set of antibodies and reagents that can be used together for the multicolor characterization of a specific cell state or response. Published in the journal Cytometry Part A (Wiley Online Library), these OMIPs are designed for flow cytometry, but OMIPs may potentially be defined for image cytometry, fluorescence microscopy, and other polychromatic fluorescence–based methods.

Articles in Cytometry Part A about OMIPs are listed in the table below.

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OMIP ID OMIP name Target cell type
OMIP-001 Quality and phenotype of Ag-responsive human T cells  Human T cells
OMIP-002 Phenotypic analysis of specific human CD8+ T-cells using peptide-MHC class I multimers for any of four epitopes  Human T cells
OMIP-003 Phenotypic analysis of human memory B cells  Human B cells
OMIP-004 In-depth characterization of human T regulatory cells  Human T cells
OMIP-005 Quality and phenotype of antigen-responsive rhesus macaque T cells  Rhesus macaque T cells
OMIP-006 Phenotypic subset analysis of human T regulatory cells via polychromatic flow cytometry  Human T cells
OMIP-007 A phenotypic analysis of human natural killer cells  Human NK cells
OMIP-008 Measurement of Th1 and Th2 cytokine polyfunctionality of human T cells  Human T cells
OMIP-009 Characterization of antigen-specific human T cells  Human T cells
OMIP-010 A new 10-color monoclonal antibody panel for polychromatic immunophenotyping of small hematopoietic cell samples  Human hematopoietic cells
OMIP-011 Characterization of circulating endothelial cells (CECs) in peripheral blood  Human endothelial cells
OMIP-012 Phenotypic and numeric determination of human leukocyte reconstitution in humanized mice  Human leukocytes in humanized mouse
OMIP-013 Differentiation of human T-cells  Human T cells
OMIP-014 Validated multifunctional characterization of antigen-specific human T cells by intracellular cytokine staining  Human T cells
OMIP-015 Human regulatory and activated T-cells without intracellular staining  Human T cells
OMIP-016 Characterization of antigen-responsive macaque and human T-cells  Cynomolgus macaque or Human T Cells
OMIP-017 Human CD4+ helper T-cell subsets including follicular helper cells  Human T cells
OMIP-018 Chemokine receptor expression on human T helper cells  Human T cells
OMIP-019 Quantification of human γδT-cells, iNKT-cells, and hematopoietic precursors  Human T cells, NK cells
OMIP-020 Phenotypic characterization of human γδ T-cells by multicolor flow cytometry  Human T cells
OMIP-021 Simultaneous quantification of human conventional and innate-like T-cell subsets  Human T cells
OMIP-022 Comprehensive assessment of antigen-specific human T-cell functionality and memory  Human T cells
OMIP-023 10-color, 13 antibody panel for in-depth phenotyping of human peripheral blood leukocytes  Human leukocytes
OMIP-024 Pan-leukocyte immunophenotypic characterization of PBMC subsets in human samples Human leukocytes
OMIP-025 Evaluation of human T- and NK-cell responses including memory and follicular helper phenotype by intracellular cytokine staining  Human T cells, NK cells
OMIP-026 Phenotypic analysis of B and plasma cells in rhesus macaques  Rhesus macaque B cells, plasma cells
OMIP-027 Functional analysis of human natural killer cells  Human NK cells
OMIP-028 Activation panel for rhesus macaque NK cell subsets  Rhesus macaque NK cells
OMIP-029 Human NK-cell phenotypization  Human NK cells
OMIP-030 Characterization of human T cell subsets via surface markers  Human T cells
OMIP-031 Immunologic checkpoint expression on murine effector and memory T-cell subsets  Mouse T cells
OMIP-032 Two multi-color immunophenotyping panels for assessing the innate and adaptive immune cells in the mouse mammary gland  Mouse leukocytes
OMIP-033 A comprehensive single step staining protocol for human T- and B-cell subsets  Human T cells, B cells
OMIP-034 Comprehensive immune phenotyping of human peripheral leukocytes by mass cytometry for monitoring immunomodulatory therapies  Human leukocytes
OMIP-035 Functional analysis of natural killer cell subsets in macaques  Rhesus macaque NK cells
OMIP-036 Co-inhibitory receptor (immune checkpoint) expression analysis in human T cell subsets  Human T cells
OMIP-037 16-color panel to measure inhibitory receptor signatures from multiple human immune cell subsets  Human lymphocytes
OMIP-038 Innate immune assessment with a 14 color flow cytometry panel Human lymphocytes
OMIP-039 Detection and analysis of human adaptive NKG2C+ natural killer cells NK cells, lymphocytes
OMIP-044 28-color immunophenotyping of the human dendritic cell compartment Human dendritic cells
OMIP-051 28-color flow cytometry panel to characterize B cells and myeloid cells Human B cells
OMIP-069 Forty-Color Full Spectrum Flow CytometryPanel for Deep Immunophenotyping of Major CellSubsets in Human Peripheral Blood Human leukocytes