CloneMiner 2 cDNA Construction

CloneMiner II cDNA Library Construction Kits enable rapid construction of highly representative cDNA libraries. Gateway recombination cloning avoids restriction digestion and inefficient ligation reactions, making library construction faster and offering more complete cDNA representation. The high efficiency SuperScript III reverse transcriptase is included, enhancing the possibility that users may discover previously unobtainable, fully intact clones.

CloneMiner II cDNA Library Construction Kits benefits include:

  • High primary titers increase the probability of cloning rare transcripts
  • Large average insert sizes
  • High percentage of full-length genes
  • Highly efficient cloning of cDNA into Gateway destination vectors

How is this kit different from the original CloneMiner Kit?

  • The new kit incorporates a simplified protocol
  • To ensure high cDNA yields, SuperScript II Reverse Transcriptase (RT) has been replaced by SuperScript III Reverse Transcriptase
  • To enable reaction setup with fewer pipetting steps, Gateway BP Clonase Enzyme Mix has been replaced by Gateway BP Clonase II Enzyme Mix, which contains enzymes and buffer in a single mix
Contents and storage

CloneMiner II Kits include SuperScript III RT, Gateway vectors, reagents for cDNA library construction and ElectroMax DH10B T1-Phage-resistant Competent Cells.
Sufficient reagents are supplied for 5 cDNA library construction reactions.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.