KingFisher Plastics

KingFisher plastics are specifically designed for use with KingFisher instruments and are carefully manufactured to exacting standards.* Their low binding affinity for biomolecules makes them ideal for magnetic particle processing. The disposable polypropylene tip combs and microplates enable excellent recovery of magnetic beads for optimal purification and isolation of DNA, RNA, proteins, and cells.

All KingFisher plastics are made in a controlled environment that conforms to ISO 14644 Class ISO 8 (equivalent to US Federal Standard 209E Class 100,000), where the maximum number of particles permitted per cubic meter (m3) of air is ≥0.5 μm 3,520,000 and ≥5 μm 29,300.

* Use of KingFisher plastics ensures proper KingFisher instrument function and application performance and avoids costly repairs that may be caused by using third-party plastics, even if marketed as “KingFisher compatible.” Use of third-party plastics may void instrument service contracts.

KingFisher Flex

KingFisher Presto

KingFisher Duo Prime

KingFisher Apex

Accessories ordering information

Additional accessories are available for the KingFisher system. KingFisher is a flexible system for different types of sample processing needs which offers highly versatile, automated magnetic-processing for DNA/RNA, protein, and cell purification from virtually any source. Using revolutionary magnetic particle seperation technology, this system provides excellent reproducibility and quality.

Plate setup

To save time and increase reproducibility with your KingFisher system, combine it with an electronic pipette or automated reagent dispenser.

E1-ClipTip Equalizer Pipette

With the Thermo Scientific™ E1-ClipTip™ Equalizer Pipette, you can perform sample transfers quickly and efficiently between virtually any tube, rack, microplate, or horizontal gel box. Adjustable tip spacing allows you to set the distance between tips simply by sliding the scale to expand or contract to the desired labware format. The new My Pipette™ Creator app lets you program the E1-ClipTip conveniently from your PC.

* Other models that handle different sample volumes and tip sizes are available by following the Cat. No. links.

Multidrop Combi Reagent Dispenser

Fill your plates faster and more consistently with the MultiDrop™ Combi Reagent Dispenser, which provides precise dispensing over a wide 0.5 to 2500 µL range and accommodates microplates from 6 to 1,536 wells and plate heights of 5 to 50 mm.

Laboratory workflow automation

Streamline your KingFisher system workflow with a compatible barcode reader, robotic liquid handler, or robotic plate mover.

Robotic liquid handlers

The versatile KingFisher Presto is designed to integrate with a compatible robotic liquid handler for hands-free automation. Many commercial robotic liquid handlers are compatible with KingFisher Presto. Contact your KingFisher sales representative or your preferred vendor to see if a tested KingFisher interface is available.

Orbitor RS2 Microplate Mover

You can increase instrument loading throughput and reduce hands-on time with the Thermo Scientific™ Orbitor™ Microplate Mover, a compact and collaborative benchtop plate mover with integrated barcode scanning for sample tracking and inventory management. The Orbitor RS2’s innovative bidirectional telescoping arm provides exceptional reach and precision while the 360º workspace makes it a valuable tool for the lab. Compatible with the KingFisher Flex and Presto models, the Orbitor RS2 can be flexibly configured to match your requirements.

* Other configurations are available by following the Cat. No. link.

NanoDrop microvolume spectrophotometers

Quantify DNA, RNA, and protein samples in seconds with only 1–2 µL using Thermo Scientific NanoDrop microvolume spectrophotometers. You can rely on the proven technology in NanoDrop instruments for accurate, fast assessments of sample concentration and purity. By detecting and analyzing the whole spectrum, Thermo Scientific Acclaro sample intelligence software can help find and correct contamination in your samples and help differentiate DNA from RNA.

High-throughput SARS-CoV-2 testing solution

The Thermo Fisher Scientific Amplitude Solution is a new, highly automated molecular diagnostic testing system that can analyze over 7,000 COVID-19 specimens in 24 hours. The Amplitude Testing Solution can help laboratories quickly scale COVID-19 testing to volumes needed to help reduce the spread of disease and restore economies and communities. This solution offers maximum throughput with minimal hands-on time, equipment, and staffing—only four employees are required for operation.

As the world leader in serving science, Thermo Fisher Scientific has brought together industry-leading products like the KingFisher Presto and the Applied Biosystems TaqPath COVID-19 Kit into a high-throughput diagnostic solution. It offers the convenience of purchasing a secured supply of assays and consumables directly from a single-source supplier. Your initial purchase comes with an up-front monthly delivery of reagents for your laboratory’s needs over the first year. Our all-inclusive service partnership will handle every detail of the process to ensure a seamless installation and offers 24/7, 365-day priority access to reliable experts you can count on for any issues that arise now and into the future.