KingFisher Flex System

The Thermo Scientific KingFisher Flex is a versatile benchtop automated extraction instrument in the lab for 24 or 96 samples per run. It offers consistent medium- to high-throughput extraction and purification of DNA, RNA, proteins, and cells.


In addition to the common features of all KingFisher Purification Systems, the Flex offers:

High-throughput purification

24–96 samples per run


Choose from two plate formats
Wide 20 µL–5 mL volume range


Simple workflow
Just follow the on-screen instructions

Easy to install and run

Ready to run in 10 minutes or less


Download protocols from our library

Or easily customize protocols using Thermo Scientific BindIt Software


Demo videos

Protocols and software

Thermo Scientific BindIt software is included with KingFisher Duo Prime and Flex instruments. The software makes it easy to create, download, run, modify, and store protocols for your KingFisher applications.


Protocols are available for nucleic acid and protein purification procedures with reagent kits. The software allows you to define and edit steps, parameters, plates, and reagents for every part of your protocol—bind, wash, and elute.

For more information about BindIt, see the Features tab.


The KingFisher Flex can gently and efficiently isolate and purify nucleic acids, proteins, and cells from a range of sample types for a wide variety of downstream applications. For a selection of application kits, reagents, and protocols that run on the KingFisher Flex, see the Kits, Reagents, and Protocols tab.

Plates, plastics, and setup

For information about plates, plastics, and plate setup products designed to work with the KingFisher Flex, see the Accessories tab.




Instrument size


Throughput level

Medium to high

Processing volume range

PCR plate (20–100 µL), skirted (or similar skirted PCR plate)
20–200 µL: 96-well plate
50–1,000 µL: 96 deep-well plate
200–5,000 µL: 24 deep-well plate

Samples per run

24 or 96

Software included


Customizable protocols

Yes (with BindIt software)


From 5ºC above ambient temperature to 115ºC

Ultraviolet lamp


Bar code reader

With BindIt software

User-selectable magnetic heads


Standalone use



68 x 60 x 38 cm; 26.77 x 23.6 x 14.96 in. (W x D x H)


28 kg; 62 lbs

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