Take advantage of the following improvements to the miRNA research workflow.
  • NCode™ miRNA Rapid Labeling Kit
  • NCode™ Profiler miRNA Data Analysis Software

NCode™ miRNA Rapid Labeling Kit

The NCode™ Rapid miRNA Labeling System is a fast and reproducible system to directly label endogenous miRNAs with fluorescent tags. Using this system, miRNAs from total RNA samples are directly labeled with fluorescent Alexa Fluor® dyes and hybridized to microarrays printed with species-specific antisense miRNA probes. This kit has been optimized to ensure sensitive and accurate profiling of miRNA expression patterns from minimal RNA input.

This rapid labeling kit offers very sensitive detection with less starting material and a shorter hybridization protocol compared to the earlier kit. Learn more.

Free NCode™ Profiler miRNA Profiling Software to Gain Insight on Your Research

Epigenetic researchers now have a tailored tool to identify differentially expressed miRNA markers on microarrays. NCode™ Profiler software is an advanced experimental design and analysis solution designed for two-dye expression profiling microarray experiments. Follow up your research workflow with advanced data analysis and achieve a high level of confidence in your findings.

Request your FREE copy today. Be on your way to fast, easy, and effective miRNA profiling analysis.