The NCode™ miRNA Microarray Probe Sets have associated Microsoft Excel speadsheets containing a complete list of the probes and their plate well locations. Each probe set is provided in three 384-well microplates, and the probes are listed by plate number in the spreadsheet.

Instructions for Downloading the NCode™ Mammalian and Non-Mammalian miRNA Microarray Probe Set Spreadsheets

  1. After you have received the probe sets from Invitrogen, locate the identifying label on each microplate. Each plate is printed with a label that lists the lot number and plate number, in the format lot_number: plate_number (e.g., 1234567:1).
  2. Click the appropriate link below to open the spreadsheet file or to save it to a location on your computer. Then use the plate number printed on the plate when referencing the spreadsheet.

If you experience difficulty downloading or using the probe set spreadsheet, please contact Invitrogen Technical Service in your region.

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