DNA Methylation Analysis

DNA methylation is a key epigenetic modification to cytosines, often in CpG dinucleotides. This modification has been frequently associated with gene silencing, but the precise role of DNA methylation in development and disease remains a mystery.

We offer advanced solutions for bisulfite-based applications, DNA methylation enrichment, and sequencing that address the challenges involved with studying DNA methylation.

DNA Methylation Analysis Sample Preparation

Robust kits for bisulfite conversion and DNA methylation affinity enrichment that are compatible with a variety of downstream analysis techniques ranging from next-generation sequencing to qPCR.

DNA Methylation Sequencing

Workflows from focused detection via CE sequencing to genome-wide analysis with next-generation sequencing.

Targeted DNA Methylation Analysis

Optimized kits for locus-specific DNA methylation detection including DNA methylation–sensitive HRM, and bisulfite sequencing.

Epigenetics Learning Center

Our Learning Center provides an overview of epigenetic regulation of gene expression as well as considerations underpinning the research workflow. Learn about:


DNA methylation