Several unique physical attributes of miRNAs, including their small size, lack of poly-adenylated tails, and tendency to bind their mRNA targets with imperfect sequence homology, have made them elusive and challenging to study. Invitrogen has leveraged its expertise in this field to develop an advanced miRNA profiling service for research organizations. The combination of leading products and technical expertise in the field of miRNA places Invitrogen Custom Services on the forefront.

The miRNA Analysis Service from Invitrogen offers:

  • State of the art technologies, equipment and high-throughput capabilities provided by expert scientific staff with extensive microRNA expertise
  • Fast, reliable results at a competitive price
  • Confidential consultation and service support

Your partner in discovery

NCode™ miRNA Analysis services have been optimized to purify, label, and profile miRNA expression patterns with superior sensitivity and specificity. Each NCode™ miRNA analysis service is customizable to fit specific scientific goals and our expect staff will work with you to design service projects to achieve your needs. We understand the need for a flexible environment in performing custom services and therefore we offer many ways to arrange service agreements. To request more information or to discuss your miRNA profiling experiments please contact Invitrogen Custom Services.

miRNA Analysis Services Available

Invitrogen offers services for each step of the miRNA analysis workflow. miRNA analysis services include:

  • Total RNA isolation from cells or tissue
  • miRNA isolation from cells, tissue, or total RNA
  • miRNA expression profiling with the NCode™ miRNA Microarray
  • miRNA quantitation using qRT-PCR analysis
  • Additional data analysis

For more information on any of the NCode™ miRNA Custom Services listed, please contact Invitrogen Custom Services. Our experts will assist you in designing a service to meet your specific needs and advancing your research.

Total RNA Isolation From Cells or Tissue
Total RNA isolated from cells or tissues can be used for many applications such as microarray labeling, cDNA synthesis and qRT-PCR. Invitrogen’s total RNA isolation service obtains high quality and intact total RNA using TRIzol® Reagent. When studying small RNAs such as miRNAs we recommend using TRIzol® Reagent as most column based purification systems do not efficiently purify small RNA fractions.

miRNA Isolation From Cells, Tissue, or Total RNA

Invitrogen can purify small RNA molecules (< 200 nt), including microRNA (miRNA) and short interfering RNA (siRNA) in your sample using the PureLink™ miRNA Isolation Kit. The purified RNA is suitable for most miRNA applications including microarray analysis and qRT-PCR analysis.

NCode™ miRNA Microarray Expression Profiling
Invitrogen will apply its expertise in this field to profile miRNA expression patterns using the NCode™ Multi-species miRNA Microarray V2 or the NCode™  Human miRNA Microarray V3 . Individual miRNA samples will be analyzed using Alexa Fluor® 3 and Alexa Fluor® 5 Reagents enabling efficient profiling of miRNA expression patterns in various types of tissue, disease and developmental states, providing insight into their role in gene regulation. You send us samples and we deliver the data!

NCode™ SYBR® Green miRNA qRT-PCR Analysis
qRT-PCR has become the standard for microarray data validation, as well as an invaluable tool for profiling subsets of miRNA with the greatest sensitivity and accuracy. Invitrogen’s NCode™ miRNA SYBR® Green qRT-PCR Analysis combines a carefully optimized polyadenylation reaction with the market leading reverse transcriptase, SuperScript™ III RT, in a first strand cDNA synthesis reaction using a specially designed universal RT primer. The amplification of a specific miRNA occurs during a qPCR reaction with SYBR® Green detection reagent, a primer that is designed for the specific miRNA sequence, and a universal qPCR primer. Platinum® SYBR® qPCR Supermix combines Platinum® Taq DNA polymerase with SYBR® Green fluorescent dye, delivering excellent sensitivity in the quantification of target sequences.

NCode™ miRNA SYBR® Green RT-PCR Analysis provides:

  • A flexible assay for quantifying almost any miRNA as soon as the sequence of the miRNA is discovered
  • Sensitive detection over a broad range of input miRNA sample down to 100 copies
  • Single-nucleotide discrimination, providing specificity to profile closely related miRNA

This quantitative assay provides flexibility, sensitivity, and specificity when quantifying miRNA expression – send us your samples today!