• Most commercially available scanners with a resolution of at least 16 bits/pixel are compatible with the NCode™ Multi-Species miRNA Microarray V2. Refer to the compatible scanner list below.
  • In order to use the NCode™ Labeling System, a scanner must be able to read 546 and 647 emission wavelengths (nm) corresponding to the Alexa Fluor® 546 and 647 conjugates.
  • Consult the user guide for your specific scanner for recommended laser and PMT settings prior to scanning. The intensity of the signal will vary from scanner to scanner because of differences in the hardware (lasers, filters, etc.) used by each manufacturer.

Compatible Scanners

The following scanners may support the NCode™ Multi-Species miRNA Microarray V2:

  •  Agilent DNA Microarray scanner

  • Alpha Innotech AlphaArray™

  • Applied Precision arrayWoRx®e 4-color Biochip Reader

  • Axon (Molecular Devices) GenePix® 4000A
  • Axon (Molecular Devices) GenePix® 4000B
  • Axon (Molecular Devices) GenePix® Professional 4200A
  • Axon (Molecular Devices) GenePix® Autoloader 4200AL
  • Axon (Molecular Devices) GenePix® Personal 4100A

  • GeneFocus DNAscope™ IV
  • GeneFocus DNAscope™ V
  • GeneFocus DNAscope™ LM
  • GeneFocus DNAscope™ Open Frame

  • Genomic Solutions GeneTAC™ 2000
  • Genomic Solutions GeneTAC™ LS IV
  • Genomic Solutions GeneTAC™ UC-4
  • PerkinElmer ScanArray® Lite
  • PerkinElmer ScanArray® Express
  • PerkinElmer ScanArray® Express HT
  • PerkinElm ScanArray® 4000 (Lumonics)
  • PerkinElmer ScanArray® 4000XL
  • PerkinElmer ScanArray® 5000 (Lumonics)
  • PerkinElmer ScanArray® 5000XL
  • PerkinElmer ProScanArray® HT
  • PerkinElmer ProScanArray®
  • PerkinElmer ScanArray® Gx
  • PerkinElmer ScanArray® Gx PLUS

  • Tecan LS Series Laser Scanner

  • Telechem SpotLight®
  • Telechem SpotLight® Turbo

  • Virtek ChipReader®
  • Virtek ChipReader® High Resolution
  • Virtek ChipReader® Extreme

NOTE: This is a list of common commercial scanners. It is not comprehensive.

Incompatible Scanner

The Affymetrix GeneChip® Scanner 3000 does not support the NCode™ Multi-Species miRNA Microarray V2.