LIMS used to track samples in biopharma research lab

Laboratory software to support pharma and biopharma R&D

Many different types of labs comprise a research and development organization making it difficult to find an informatics solution that can support the needs of the entire organization. Thermo FisherPlatform for Science software supports both research labs such as molecular biology and preclinical as well as downstream labs such as formulation and purification due to its ability to be easily configured. Platform for Science software also integrates with existing R&D solutions such as Thermo Scientific Watson LIMS software.

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Creating a collaborative R&D environment

Whether your lab is creating small or large molecules, peptides, or CAR-T cell therapies, we can help to streamline data sharing and reviews within your R&D organization. Platform for Science software tracks and manages data across samples, assays, processes, requests, and inventory, ensuring that all data from your study is maintained. Rather than spending large amounts of time sorting through lab notebooks to find relevant and necessary data to transfer to another team, all data can quickly and easily be seen and sorted by colleagues. Platform for Science software also encourages secure data sharing between sponsors and external CRO’s or collaborators by utilizing a a collaborator portal which shortens the turnaround time for data transfers and reviews between organizations.

You can learn more about Thermo Scientific LIMS for the biopharmaceutical R&D lab by reading some of our published articles, technical information, and case studies.

Manage complex sample relationships

Tracking where a final product, such as a monoclonal antibody, originated from can be a difficult task when utilizing paper notebooks to track sample relationships. Platform for Science software manages relationships from the initial creation of a sample to final creation of the product in downstream processing. Details such as vector information, mutations, cell line passages, protein expression and characterization are maintained and easily traced. Disparate laboratory instruments and software systems can be integrated to Platform for Science software, creating a single repository for data, promoting quick and informed decision making.  

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