LIMS for Clinical Testing & Molecular Diagnostics

Lab software to support the latest advancements in clinical testing and MDx

As advancements are made in the healthcare industry such as the use of personalized medicine to treat devastating illnesses, technology must also keep pace. Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) software, provides researchers and laboratory technicians with the reliability and flexibility that they need to perform complex analyses such as next generation sequencing, pathology, microarray, and qPCR analysis. Implementing LIMS software for clinical testing and molecular diagnostics can improve lab speed, quality, and productivity.

COVID-19 testing capabilities for any size lab

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers preconfigured LIMS solutions to accelerate testing. We connect your end-to-end workflow from sample preparation to final result by integrating your robotics, qPCR and other laboratory equipment. Samples seamlessly move from one step to the next, allowing users to track where samples are in the process. This preconfigured solution can be quickly deployed and will help increase your throughput by eliminating data management bottlenecks, human errors, and reducing the total turnaround time.

Pre-configured laboratory information management systems are designed to fit the needs of any size lab. From laboratories running a few hundred samples a day to organizations running thousands, we have a solution designed to meet your needs.

Integrate COVID-19 testing instruments with information systems

For laboratories conducting COVID-19 testing, integrating your instrumentation to your existing LIMS or LIS is critical to automation. Our integration capabilities can orchestrate your sample preparation and instrumentation performing COVID-19 testing and bridge the data into other information systems.

Data generated by any of your organization’s instruments, services, or third-party applications can be collected electronically and stored centrally, regardless of the individual output formats produced by each instrument. The system connects sample information from the collection site with plate maps from the automation equipment and instrumentation ensuring complete sample tracking.

Cohesive management of genomic data

With the increased demand to perform genetic testing, utilizing a single platform to manage items such as study protocols, laboratory processes, and analytical results promotes efficiency, traceability, and visibility into the laboratory. Biospecimens are registered upon receipt and all data is stored securely. All relevant metadata such as shipment information, informed consent status, study protocols, storage locations, and laboratory analyses and results are maintained in the system, creating a complete biospecimen lifecycle and chain of custody record. Throughout the process, patient records are kept separate from the scientific data to ensure compliance with patient privacy laws such as HIPAA.

Reduce potential laboratory bottlenecks by utilizing dashboards to schedule employee work, monitor sample queues and statuses, and manage the flow of data. The software can integrate with preexisting laboratory software systems and equipment creating a single location for lab technicians and managers to do their work.

Protecting the integrity of your data

When a patient’s health is on the line, it is critical to ensure compliance and data integrity. LIMS deployment ensures complete traceability of both the biospecimen and its data throughout the process. LIMS software provides a streamlined end-to-end information flow, following the biospecimen from specimen collection and molecular testing to analysis of results. Data can then be submitted to the patient management system for diagnoses and treatment, enabling physicians to provide treatments to patients more quickly.


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