LIMS for Clinical Testing & Molecular Diagnostics

Resources for clinical testing & molecular diagnostics

Today’s demanding business climate, combined with the critical need in the field for personalized medicine to support the rapid delivery of results from the lab directly to the patient, has dramatically increased the informatics integration and workflow challenges in clinical testing and molecular diagnostic labs. Solutions from Thermo Fisher Scientific represent the combined strengths of LIS and LIMS to help meet these challenges.

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Designing lab-centric solutions for patient-centric results

The Thermo Scientific Clinical LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) delivers comprehensive laboratory and patient management functionality needed by researchers and technicians involved in clinical and molecular diagnostics. The emerging fields of translational and personalized medicine and the associated disciplines surrounding genetic and molecular diagnostics have been the catalyst for a more symbiotic relationship between the patient-centric environment and the sample-centric lab. One goal of this symbiosis is a streamlined end-to-end information flow following the patient from the point of care, to molecular testing and results analysis, to diagnoses and treatment, which will enable the physician to better utilize the latest medical advancements.

With the advances in molecular diagnostics, physicians are able to improve their diagnoses and treatment of patients through a better understanding of the unique genetic makeup of both patient and diseases. Clinical testing labs responding to this increase in genetics-based testing realize that there needs to be a convergence of functionality between traditional LIS (Laboratory Information System) that manages secure patient information, and LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) that facilitates the comprehensive management of laboratory information, sample tracking, dynamic workflows and instrument integration. Unifying the distinct functionalities required of physicians and clinical researchers, Thermo Scientific Clinical LIMS delivers lab-centric solutions for patient-centric results.

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