Cryopreservation Systems

Reliable, precise cryogenic processing from sample preparation to storage and transportation.

From cryopreservation, long-term storage, and transportation, our range of product offerings has been designed to support you and protect your samples throughout the entire workflow.


Our portfolio of liquid nitrogen-based cryopreservation systems delivers outstanding temperature performance, low operating costs, and integrated temperature control. They include advanced temperature regulation features, extended hold time capabilities, and versatile storage capacities. 


Because naturally sourced nitrogen gas provides the cooling power for LN2 storage, there are no halogenated hydrocarbon refrigerants and no greenhouse gas concerns - helping the overall sustainability of your lab.


Built to protect the viability of your samples, with safety and security in mind.

Cryopreservation systems capabilities

Proper sample preparation

Controlled rate freezers accurately lower sample temperature to reduce sample damage from intracellular ice formation prior to cryostorage.

Versatile storage configurations

Our cryopreservation systems deliver versatile storage configurations for use with racks, canisters, boxes, canes or straws to support both vial and bag storage.

Select the cryopreservation system best for your lab

Use our Cryopreservation System selection guide to find sample prep, storage and transportation equipment that work for your processes and needs.

Reliable temperature control

Liquid nitrogen-based cryopreservation systems deliver outstanding temperature reliability and uniformity even under challenging lab conditions. 

Safe transport

Our cryopreservation systems portfolio includes transportation containers ideal for shipping infectious materials or biological samples at cryogenic temperatures. These shippers feature a range of capabilities that ensure the highest safety and security of valuable samples as they are transported via air or ground.

Storage management compatibility

The safety and security of your samples is enhanced over the long term because our cryopreservation systems are designed for compatibility with industry leading cold storage management products, including a wide portfolio of tubes, vials, sample ID and tracking systems for both automated and manual workflows.