Thermo Scientific Lab Oven Models

Take a closer look at the features and specifications of Thermo Scientific Heratherm Heating and Drying ovens and Thermo Scientific Vacuutherm and Lindberg Blue/M Vacuum Ovens. 

Thermo Scientific Heratherm Heating and Drying Oven models

Heratherm Advanced Protocol Security Ovens

Safety features offer protection of your most precious samples

Heratherm Advanced Protocol Ovens

Ultimate accuracy and increased heating

Heratherm General Protocol Ovens

For everyday heating and drying applications

Precision Compact Ovens

Compact ovens for drying and baking applications

Temperature range  
50 – 330°C 50 – 330°C 50 – 250°C +5 – 210°C
61 – 170 L models 61 – 731 L models 65 – 744 L models 48 L models
Heating options  
Mechanical and gravity convection

10 automatically repeatable programs, each with up to 10 discrete steps.

Access port for remote monitoring.

10 automatically repeatable programs, each with up to 10 discrete steps   None
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All regions: models Americas: 120V 60Hz models
Europe, Africa, Asia: 230V 60Hz models
Japan: 208-240V 60Hz208-240V 60Hz
Americas: 120V 60Hz 
Europe, Africa, Asia: 230V 50/60Hz
Americas only: 120V

Thermo Scientific Vacuum Oven models

Vacutherm Vacuum Ovens

Achieve precise temperatures for simple or complex drying processes including heat sensitive materials

Lindberg/Blue M Vaccum Ovens

Designed for life science, industrial, and general lab applications requiring higher performance standards

Thermo Scientific Vacuum Ovens

For everyday use including drying, curing, vacuum embedding, and plating applications

Temperature range
Up to 400 °C 6 – 260 °C Ambient +10—220 °C
25 – 128 L 18.6 – 42.5 L 12.5 – 65 L options
Heating options
Jacket heating or shelf conduction Jacket heating Jacket heating
Safety features

Overtemperature sensor protects oven and sample

Double-pane safety glass doors

Access port in rear wall for remote monitoring

Independent overtemperature safety system factory set with reset pushbutton Polycarbonate safety shield protects door glass
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Oven accessories

Heratherm Heating and Drying Oven

Vacutherm Vacuum Oven

Lindberg Blue/M Vacuum Oven
Available accessories
  • Perforated shelving
  • Wire mesh shelving
  • Additional shelves
  • Aluminum trays
  • Daily Program Timers
  • Digicon S Temperature controllers
  • Eurotherm 2404/P4 temperature controllers
  • Precision control valves
  • RS 232 computer interfaces for Kelvitron™ controllers
  • Support frames
  • Stainless-steel vacuum connection kits for tubing
  • Stainless-steel trays
  • Thermicon P temperature program controllers
  • Vacuum chambers with rounded corners at the rear
  • VITON door gaskets
  • Weekly program timers
  • Activated Alumina
  • Buna-N Door gasket
  • Connection Kit
  • Mist Filter Element
  • Replacement HEPA filter
  • Silicone (red) Door gasket
  • Stainless-steel Floor Stand
  • Vacuum Pump Oil
  • White Floor Stand
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