Smart-Vue Pro

A Smart solution provides a new Vue in Protection. Designed with simplicity, compliance and optimization in mind, Smart-Vue Pro is a next-generation remote monitoring solution for sample storage and processing. The ability to select the configuration of probe, module, and network type allows you to build the system you need. The modular, customizable architecture allows for easy expansion without costly upgrades. Smart-Vue Pro is compatible with multiple brands and types of equipment. New equipment and labs can be added to existing Smart-Vue Pro systems. With the longer range LoRaWAN receiver, scalability is possible across multiple labs, floors, or buildings.

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The Smart-Vue Pro system is more than equipment – it is an end-to-end solution.

Smart-Vue Pro 3D product tour


Each system requires at least one sensor, one module, and one receiver.


Plug and Play sensors that monitor temperatures from -200° to +150°C, current, and relative humidity. With off the shelf calibrated sensors you can be confident in the integrity of your laboratory equipment.


Sensors plug into Smart-Vue Pro modules which are available in two configurations - Duo and Quatro. The Duo allows up to 2 sensor channels for monitoring. The Quatro has extended range of 4 sensor channels for up to 2 wired and 2 wireless sensors. Ideal for monitoring several pieces of equipment simultaneously or multiple parameters within one piece of equipment.


The LoRa (Long Range wireless Wide Area Network) receiver is what communicates the data from the modules to a local server or the Thermo Fisher Cloud via an Ethernet or W-Fi connection. It is a stand-alone dedicated network and increases connectivity range for IoT devices by up to 2 km in urban environments and up to 9 km in rural areas.1

  • Interactive, color touchscreen module displays parameters with audio/visual alarms or at-a-glance monitoring.
  • Modules can monitor up to 4 pre-calibrated parameters.
  • The cloud server allows access to the full system functionality from anywhere, anytime.
  • Intuitive dashboard simplifies daily usage.
  • Compliance with confidence – support 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines with audit trail and secure user-level access control.
1 Under optimal conditions, LoRa can provide a 9 km range for communication. Actual performance will vary significantly, and is heavily dependent on building construction. Signal strength testing is recommended to verify performance at a specific location.


Long Range wireless connectivity enables a single receiver to cover large areas, replacing the need for repeaters. With minimal IT support needed to set up, the dedicated wireless network requires only an internet connection. Each LoRa gateway can support up to 300 data logging sensors located up to 9km away.

Simplicity   •   Compliance   •   Optimization



The Smart-Vue Pro system can be enabled for an On-Premise server solution or with Cloud utilization.

  • Mobile / Tablet / Web based platform compatibility
  • Monitor your equipment 24-7 from anywhere in the world
  • Intuitive dashboard simplifies daily usage
  • Data can be exported with a simple click for reporting and customizable graphs
  • Instant access to alarms, readings, and graphs.
  • Flexible organization by site, department user, equipment, and criticality
  • Optional floor plan and sites views
  • Audit trail and secure-level access control to support 21 CFR Part 11
  • Optional Smart-Vue Alert

We have two options for data management: Cloud or On-Premise Server solutions. The question becomes what is right for you? While we recommend Cloud based configurations to enable data access from anywhere, there are certain circumstances where On-Premise solutions might be necessary. Consult your local Thermo Fisher Scientific representative for more details.

Cloud Subscription (annual)

  • Annual subscription based on the quantity of sensors
  • Cloud-based configurations allow flexibility to check status anytime, anywhere from any modern web browser.

On-Premise Software (single install – one time)

  • Optional Server Sensor Upgrade (one time)
  • Optional Server Maintenance (annual)


The final pillar of our Smart-Vue Pro system is our service network . Remote monitoring products can be challenging to integrate with on-site IT restrictions and network compliance. Our service team is here to help understand the needs of your facility and swiftly execute on the installation and upkeep of your system so your focus can remain on your critical science.

Partnership   •   Flexibility   •   Convenience

Services our team provides:

  • Site Visits
  • Installation services with system configuration and product orientation by certified experts
  • Preventive maintenance with three Service Plan Options to fit your needs (Remote Support, Tech Direct, Total Care)
  • Compliance Services (IQOQ Qualification, Calibration Services2)
2 Calibration services not available in all countries/regions. Inquire about calibration service availability with your local representative or with Unity Lab Services.