Greater sample security and streamlined fleet management

Thermo Scientific InstrumentConnect ecosystem is a secure, cloud-based solution that provides real-time notifications so you can monitor laboratory samples 24/7 from anywhere in the world and be alerted in the event of a potentially devastating failure. Our DeviceLink Connect hardware can connect new and old equipment, bringing all equipment into one easy-to-use dashboard.


InstrumentConnect is a 24/7 remote monitoring platform that can transform individually managed pieces of static lab equipment into a digitally managed operation which can help save you time, resources and money while protecting priceless scientific work. InstrumentConnect software collects data from our expertly engineered connectivity hardware and sensors to create a straightforward system that delivers more than just basic status notifications. It is compatible with lab equipment of different types and ages from a variety of manufacturers, so nothing is left behind.

InstrumentConnect is a part of the Thermo Fisher Cloud, so whether you’re using our remote monitoring, connected equipment, analyzers or automation, this platform can help meet your needs today and into the future. The Thermo Fisher Cloud is secured through AWS with data encryption, network firewalls, data back-up and disaster recovery for a high level of security. Learn more about InstrumentConnect subscriptions here. >


You can manage and monitor freezers, refrigerators, CO2 chambers, biological safety cabinets, ultra-low temperature freezers and even equipment beyond the lab with InstrumentConnect.  


InstrumentConnect features include:


  Real-time instrument health status

  Customizable report downloads

  Mobile and web applications

  Notifications: in-app alerts, email and push messaging

  Measurement data: temperature, system data, settings

  Issue resolution and tracking

  Bulk download and expert capability across multiple units

  Alarms: system, environmental, connectivity

  Event notifications: warnings, user-based events, door open

  Detailed event descriptions

  Up to 6-month notification card of active alarms/events

  Full (lifetime) historical data storage and report retrieval

  Summary health report generation (on-demand and planned)

Check equipment status 24/7

Sensors report back a variety of information including power and temperature via mobile app.

InstrumentConnect displays inventory, parameters, history, status and more to help you streamline how your fleet is managed. Custom alarms and notifications help ensure equipment is operating correctly, ensuring sample integrity is maintained at all times.

Watch InstrumentConnect with DeviceLink in action:


Lab managers are often tasked to do more and more with less resources. Investing in a connected lab can help yield returns in many areas.


Enhanced sample security 

Implementing the right monitoring solution can potentially prevent costly, unnecessary losses that can take months or even years to recover from. History reports and notifications can indicate issues that need to be addressed that may otherwise go unnoticed.


Improved Efficiency 

Working in the post-COVID world may mean less resources or time in the lab. Ease demands on staffing resources and budget with a system that can help streamline fleet health, history and status on one dashboard. Avoid unnecessary trips to the lab to make sure systems are running.


Ease of use

Deploying our remote monitoring isn’t complicated and can be done through self or professional install. Our specialists are available to consult on everything you need from start to finish. Once set up, you can create multiple users through our intuitive software by PC, Apple Store or Google Play.



Investing in a scalable solution can help save time and money. InstrumentConnect can monitor one piece of equipment in a single lab to over two thousand across multiple, geographically distanced facilities. It’s equipment agnostic so you can jump start your remote monitoring program across a fleet, even those older pieces that need replacing soon.


Trusted Partnership

Thermo Scientific is a trusted Life Sciences partner. Our Connected Solutions portfolio is continuously growing to help meet changing industry needs. We also offer robust services including IQ/OQ, calibration and maintenance through Unity Lab Services so you can get everything you need in one place to help keep your facility running smoothly.


DeviceLink Connect motes utilize a serial cable, USB or independent sensor to send data to the Thermo Fisher Cloud and InstrumentConnect portal via WiFi or ethernet cable. Motes connect 1:1 with equipment, store up to 7 days of data and have back-up battery to last up to 3 hours. For easy commissioning DeviceLink Connect hardware, watch our video or view our quick start guide.


Serial Cables


DeviceLink Connect starter kits come with everything you need to start monitoring your system.

Thermo Scientific, Equipment equipped with serial or USB connections can deliver additional on-board equipment data.  A full list of serial-compatible equipment is here.


Thermo Scientific remote monitoring can help give you peace of mind--and so will our optional professional services--designed for your convenience.

  • Mote installation and commissioning
  • Extended Warranty
  • Calibration (ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 17025)

Your DeviceLink Connect hardware purchase comes with a one-year subscription to InstrumentConnect. Future subscriptions can be processed through your Connect Platform account. 


Your connected lab can receive additional analytical information through our InSight system add-on. InSight technology provides you with intelligent asset performance analytics that can predict equipment failure in advance and provide reliable data that can help guide replacement decisions and energy management decisions. These factors help justify purchases, avoid unexpected and disruptive downtime and help run a more sustainable operation with financial savings.




Installation Video