Protect samples and enhance efficiency with automated data logging

At Thermo Scientific, we understand the value of your work. Smart-Vue Pro is a precisely engineered remote monitoring and data logging solution to enhance sample security and help prevent unnecessary losses while meeting strict regulatory requirements.

Smart-Vue Pro

Smart-Vue Pro stands out as a widely-deployed remote monitoring solution for sample management that helps ensure total compliance for regulatory agencies and qualification for GxP protocols. Whether you are eliminating paper processes for the first time or looking for exceptional technology with an easier UI, Smart-Vue Pro will keep your organization in compliance with ease. Smart-Vue Pro’s long range and one-to-many capabilities can help make it smart financial choice for your lab operations. Smart-Vue Pro can be enabled for an on-premise server or with cloud utilization.


Alarms and awareness

Choose from several parameters critical to your laboratory, including temperature, CO2 concentration, differential pressure, any 4-20 mA output or alarm relay and dry contacts. Monitor a whole fleet from multiple OEMs.

Scalable without added complexity

We offer smart digital, wired and wireless sensors and our long-range wireless network (LoRaWAN) is capable of covering multiple labs, floors, or buildings.

Compliance and automation

Save time and improve accuracy by automating data logging. Smart-Vue Pro creates a permanent, secure record of readings, alarms, and acknowledgements to help you meet regulatory requirements according to your SOPs, cGxP, 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 17025, CE, FCC, ISED, WPF (India), CMIIT (China), EMC and electrical safety, among other standards.

Cost effective

Our modular, customizable architecture can mean easy expansion without costly upgrades. New equipment or even buildings can be added to existing Smart-Vue Pro systems and multiple sensors can be connected to a single module.

Robust software

Based on Windows OS client/server architecture, Smart-Vue Pro has excellent management access, control and analysis tools for your collected data with flexibility to set 3 upper and 3 lower limits and create site floor maps.

Advanced hardware

Our module has an impressive 2.4” intuitive color touchscreen and can store 4000 offline measurements per channel. It has easy-to-use plug and play sensor swap capabilities and can provide automatic redundancy with overlapping module zones.

What Smart-Vue Pro can monitor for your lab

Smart-Vue Pro 3D product tour


Smart-Vue Pro web software is intuitive for the user and friendly to the IT department because it is device and operating system agnostic.  The responsive application provides flexible data views, including floorplan overlays, full audit trail compliance (designed according to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines) and incudes customizable reports, alarms and notifications provided in real-time. Smart-Vue Pro software enables outstanding monitoring and data tools on any device, anywhere, anytime.

The Smart-Vue Pro system can be enabled for an on-premise server solution or with cloud utilization.

  • Mobile / Tablet / Web based platform compatibility
  • Monitor your equipment 24-7 from anywhere in the world
  • Intuitive dashboard simplifies daily usage
  • Data can be exported with a simple click for reporting and customizable graphs
  • Instant access to alarms, readings, and graphs.
  • Flexible organization by site, department user, equipment, and criticality
  • Optional floor plan and sites views
  • Customizable alarm team escalation enabled
  • Audit trail and secure-level access control to support 21 CFR Part 11
  • Optional Smart-Vue Alert

We have two options for data management: Cloud or on-premise server solutions. While we recommend cloud-based configurations to enable data access from anywhere, there are certain circumstances where on-premise solutions might be necessary. 

Cloud Subscription (annual)

  • Annual subscription based on the quantity of sensors
  • Cloud-based configurations allow flexibility to check status anytime, anywhere from any modern web browser

On-Premise Software (single install-one time)

  • Optional server sensor upgrade (one time)
  • Optional server maintenance (annual)

Robust audit trail and documentation

Detailed reporting capabilities including event, sensor and alarm histories enable strong documentation and audit trails for compliance and quality assurance. 


Long range wireless connectivity enables a single receiver to cover large areas, replacing the need for repeaters. With minimal IT support needed to set up, the dedicated wireless network requires only an internet connection. Each LoRa gateway can support up to 1000 data logging sensors located up to 9km away.


The final pillar of our Smart-Vue Pro system is our service network. Our specialists are here to help you understand the needs of your facility and work with your IT and network security requirements. We offer plans for installation through upkeep to help your focus remain on your critical science.